Tree of Woe's Characters

  • Pitcrew

    Haunted Memories: My time playing Changeling and Mage was so limited as to not even merit a mention. As in, the day I got approved as a Mage, my first RP was with Juerg, and I didn't bother logging the toon in again. Werewolf, I played Wilhelm -- and in the game's infancy, I played an Iron Master Rahu whose name I no longer recall. Vampire, I was Jeremie.

    The Reach: Not even going to bring it up. My entire time there was suffering the "attentions" of players even crazier than me on my worst day, when it wasn't staffers sitting dark on private channels because they were stalking players. Fuck the Reach.

    City of Hope: Cristobal. Looking forward to having a place with a large body of players so I can finally quit BSD Mux I mean City of Hope.

    By Right of Blood: Andy. I love Sabbat, but nobody else seems to. Sigh.

    There are others, but damn if I can remember them.

  • Tutorialist

    <3 Jeremie. Ajax's favorite Nosferatu.

  • Wilhelm! I caught you once or twice while you were active in Werewolf.

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