Zarkon's Playlist

  • going to be missing a lot. A LOT. This is what happens when you've been doing this crap forever and a day and have forgotten all of the characters you've played. Some of these games I'll come back to when I remember who the hell I played there.

    (In no particular order)
    Firan: Solgarik (2nd one), Zutrik (2nd/3rd)
    AmberMush: Veyon
    Veil of Seduction: Alexandre
    Texas Twilight:
    CotA (I)
    Uncanny X-Mush:
    CotA (II):
    PernMush (NorCon): Zarkon/Z'kon
    Cuendillar: Amalric
    Brave and the Bold (I think): The Ray
    Probably another 15-20 games that I can't remember to save my life.

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