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  • Pitcrew

    So - I think at least some of these things will be up some of your alleys. I'm a writer/actor in L.A. and I've made a few things that I think you guys might enjoy.

    Classic Alice - the story of a girl who lives her life according to different books of classic literature. We had an AMAZING two year run on YouTube and are now on Amazon. 5 star reviews always loved, if you enjoy.

    Not a Plan - two idiot friends try to plan a birthday party. More sketchy, less EPIC TWO YEAR LONG run; much shorter than CA!

    The Long Dig - this one is definitely a gamer's movie. We adapted a short film from Electric Purple Studio's upcoming Aeronauts tabletop RPG. It's release date is TBD (2018, we hope), but I post lots of updates and sneak peeks to: - which is just a tip jar / place to stay in touch if you like the work I do. I also do a #FemaleFilmmakerFriday post every week here and one every month at

    So those are the things. Let me know if you dig them. Don't tell me if you hate them, I don't caaaaare. <3

  • Pitcrew

    I'm running a special offer on my Patreon right now -- anyone who joins at $5+ by November 28th is invited to a Q&A livestream with me. I'll be pretty candid about the industry, creating shows, writing processes, acting processes, and if you've ever been curious what goes into making your favorite TV / film, it might be interesting!

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