Demon: the Descent

  • I'm tired of WoD, which I've mentioned to some people from time to time. I just can't play vampires or mages or changelings or werewolves anymore. Nothing against WoD, this is me in a personal space of: hey, I don't have any more stories here in me.

    Demon: the Descent is my favorite book in the nWOD line by a long margin, and its unique take, with demons being not Abrahamic-religion sin based but technomystic spies? Man, this stuff is like gold to me.

    I played it briefly on uhh, that game that supported it that I think @coin ran, but I got hit by RL, and when I got back, my original notes on what my cypher was were lost and this sorta killed interest.

    I'm not especially interested in any other WoD games, and don't think other WoD games especially mix well with Demon, since 'telling the vampire what you are' has mechanical consequences: the Demon's Masquerade (Cover) is far more visceral then vampire's laws are.

    All that said.

    Would anyone be interested in a single-sphere Demon game? Well, Demon and mortal+ (both stigmatics and other mortals/mortal+'s who make sense).

  • I would!

  • Pitcrew

    I am curious about it in truth. :)

  • Big time.

  • Pitcrew

    I would give it a shot.

  • Possibly?

  • Definitely. The oWoD Demon the Fallen was my favorite gameline and in nWoD the Descent ranks near the top. Obviously, neither mix well with the other gamelines so it always left a big hole in my RPing appetite.

    However... Even on its own it is a nightmare to run. I wouldn't actually recommend it for the faint of heart or even the casual staffer. Several powers rewrite reality and entire personal histories, which can cause some people headaches if they are shy about handwaving. To run a DtD game you have to be meticulous but at the same time completely fluid to major parts of the game changing on a frequent basis. If you prefer to run a game on railroad tracks, you will may end up with stifled, frustrated players.

  • I loved Demon: The Fallen but the rules were a complete mess. Most of the powers were extremely arbitrary and did not really have... Well, rules for what they did. Coupled to that Thralls were not really limited to any degree, it really came down to what you could persuade your ST to let you get away with because there was nothing really stopping you jetting to some third world country and spending six months as a miracle healer to gain an infinite Faith income.

  • @packrat I kinda hated Demon: the Fallen, but pointedly, this thread is about the Descent, a game which has very little to do with the Fallen :)

  • I'd be in. I love the game.

  • It was Eldritch where you could play a Demon. It was quite difficult to effectively staff and run a story for. There were issues with players not being comfortable with other players that could be multiple people, could spoof being on your team, etc. And the players of demons weren't exactly comfortable trusting other players to keep everything IC. There were also a lot of issues with actually finding ways for demons to interact, since you're inherently suspicious of everyone and everything and especially each other.

    I think with some tweaks you could pull it off though, and I agree it's a very fun splat. Just would require a different outlook, a different mindset, something fully other than the usual WoD system. I'd be happy to help, consult, advise, whatever else.

  • @skew Yeah I agree those are issues, but I think a lot of them go away if you're not playing demon on a multi-sphere game. There's still the intra-demon trust issues, but with the right setting and supporting Agency's, I think it could work.

  • So you're opening a Matrix game?

  • Admin

    @admiral I don't think it's a big secret Demon was largely inspired by the Matrix.

    To this day I don't know why someone didn't make a killer Matrix game though.

  • Pitcrew

    @arkandel said in Demon: the Descent:

    @admiral I don't think it's a big secret Demon was largely inspired by the Matrix.

    To this day I don't know why someone didn't make a killer Matrix game though.

    Too fucking meta? Lol.

  • Pitcrew

    Didn't have to make a matrix game. It was high fasion at the time with the vampires sporting the Neo-like attire of leather trench coats, leather pants, two barettas on each hip and sunglasses while entering a bar.

  • There was a Matrix MMO for a little bit, was interesting honestly but the systems required high speed internet and high speed internet wasn't really a very big /thing/ yet.

  • @arkandel

    There was a Matrix MUSH back in the day. It was extensively advertised (though probably outside the MSB circle). It never reached a critical mass, though it was relatively fun. But then it died due to a combination of server flakiness (it was using one of those old fly-by-night free servers back in the day) and the lack of critical mass I recall made the staff not bother to try to find somewhere to bring it back up.

  • See a Matrix MUSH would be kind of cool, just put it in a time before 'The One' comes back, or after Neo entirely.

  • I always thought there were legal reasons for the lack of MatrixMush?

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