Testing: D&D 5E Character Generation

  • So working on a D&D 5E c-gen system has been a pet project of mine for a little over a year now. I'm finally at a point where I think I can begin testing things. Namely, I think I have level 1 character generation for all races and classes in the PHB done. This is important because it sets the foundation for everything else that is to come.

    What I'm looking for at this point is just some people to come over and make characters of all different types and varieties. I'd like to find out where the system breaks so I can patch it up and I'd like to make sure that it's user friendly and intuitive.

    Here are the concepts I'm working with as they regard to character generation and leveling up...
    1: I use the human variant that allows players to select 2 abilities to increase by +1, a bonus skill, and a feat.
    2: I do not intend to support multiclassing at this time. I feel one of the strengths of 5E is its simplicity and it very much promotes single class play. On top of that the inclusion of Feats really opens up a ton of character variety so I'm going that route instead. I think multiclassing in 5E is cumbersome and, in the end, may actually make a character less powerful over all.
    3: I do intend to eventually have all official D&D 5E races and archetypes in the system. Right now I'm focusing on the core PHB material to get a good foundation to build on.

    Will this eventually lead to a game? I don't know if I'm being honest. I'm mostly doing this as a way to de-stress and for fun. It very well may, but it may not.

    So if you'd like to come on over and test things out, chat about the game, and give me some feedback feel free to log into the following site! I'm ZombieGenesis@there.

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  • @zombiegenesis Why make humans even more powerful? Anyways not important. It's cool that you're working on this. I'd love to see a 5e active game that wasn't ran by psycho.

  • I don't see how this makes humans more powerful. I'm just using the optional human rules from the PHB. To be clear, they do not get the +1 bonuses across the board.

  • @zombiegenesis Ah, I just always felt that Humans got to much, what with same stat bonuses /and/ bonus feat etc.

    Feats are stronk.

    ETA: But this is whole other discussion, sorry.

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