Savage Worlds?

  • I did a cursory search, but didn't pull up anything remotely recent. Has anyone created a Savage Worlds based CG/code system for an MU*?

  • I have a base Savage Worlds c-gen done up and the start of a Super Powers plugin.

  • @zombiegenesis Awesome. I've been rifling through some SW stuff (especially Rifts and Interface) and thinking that it might be a cool alternative to WoD and the generic L&L games out there.

  • Very cool. I love SW, it's by far my favorite TT RPG. I was pondering doing either a gothic fantasy game, a sueprhero game, or a Rifts game but couldn't decide on any of them so just sort of stopped. Did you have anything particular in mind?

  • @zombiegenesis Not really anything in particular, though I've mentioned before that I think the MU* world is kind of missing a cyberpunk and/or post-apocalyptic presence, in general. I only know of cybersphere for cyberpunk, and Descent for post-apoc. Cybersphere seems fairly dead, and Descent is WoD, and it'd just be nice to have an alternative.

  • I hear you. That was my belief too. I just get a bit worried that the MU universe wouldn't support alternatives, you know? WoD is super popular for a reason; people know it and embrace it. Not many people know Savage Worlds.

  • @zombiegenesis We do see people take to new systems, like when a game comes out that has its own in-house built system. I think people, generally speaking, are more drawn to a setting versus a system. The more that system is automated/intuitive with code, the more it helps, too. At least, that's what I generally tend to see. A good example of this would be the Fallout game run by Elsa/Vault Girl. It's a pretty complex and in depth system, that isn't familiar, and yet people flocked there regardless.

  • Hmm. Def something to think about. So many options though! Could always do a Rifts-like setting that combines them all (sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, horror, etc).

  • @zombiegenesis At that point, there really isn't even a reason not to do Rifts, for serious. But that being said, having a base system to "plug and play' for MU*s that includes all of those systems is definitely worthwhile. That way the end user who might want to throw up a game can literally just plug in the stuff and select what aspects they want, more or less.

  • There is a lot of love for Deadlands out there, and Savage Deadlands is great. I use their dueling rules for other settings as well.

    The next time I do Star Wars for my group it will be with Savage Worlds. I just have to make a Sabaac deck for initiative!

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