MUSH Marriages (IC)

  • What's the longest one you've ever had?

    Ever had one you regretted IC or OOC? What ended up happening?

    Shortest IC marriage ever?

  • @vulgarkitten said in MUSH Marriages (IC):

    What's the longest one you've ever had?

    All my PC's stories seem to end before marriage. But all of my PC's long-term relationships have been stories I still cherish.

  • Pitcrew

    I've only had one IC Marriage, and it's awesome. Elmo married Nemo for mutual benefit, she makes sure his condemned house in the woods doesn't collapse on him, and she gets the power and whatever of being part of his Family. They bicker constantly and have never consummated it, because she is the 7th daughter of a 7th daughter and wishes to keep her virginity and value intact. She's worth a lot at the goblin market.

  • I've had one happen IC, on Cybersphere back in the 90s. Everything went fine.

    I had a character app in with someone as a married couple, and got totally flaked out on.

    That's about the long and the short of it in over 20 years for me.

  • Pitcrew

    Shortest? Teodor to Elsabet, on Firan. I think it was... what? - 3 RL months? Then she died.

    I don't know if I've had one that I've regretted for any reason other than the person wound up sitting on the roster forever shortly afterwards. That seems to happen more often than I'd like... kinda starting to take it personal.

  • Pitcrew

    I've never rp'ed marriage. My characters never have the desire to form any sort of long term commitment with just one person: always playing catch and release.

    I think I have issues if I can't even pretend to have a relationship haha.

  • Mine were all on L&L or period-setting games and mostly on Firan. Most were pre-existing (roster characters) or pre-established (joining a game with a friend). I think my commoner on Firan was the only one where we actually had the whole courtship, an IC ceremony, etc.

    None of the Firan characters ever divorced, though one died. I dunno the longest I played one was, ~two years? Shortest was some Western themed game I showed up with a friend on and... the game imploded within a week or two of opening? (Edit: we'd also arranged a pair of marriages on Realms Adventurous... right before the game changed hands and we all quit. I dunno that they actually got finalized, we weren't really doing it on camera.)

  • Longest marriage I had was on Firan I think. Never got divorced and I haven't had any character die yet. Never actually had a break up, come to think of it.

    But I think the average time it takes for my character to get into romantic RP is about a year. Not so much because I'm picky so much as it's never my focus and it just kind of happens. I rarely -pursue- it.

    I enjoyed having my character married to yours, though it's a shame it outlasted the game. :P

  • Tutorialist

    Not quite a marriage but my long IC relationship was over a year OOC. It was also one of my favorites. Cytosine/Calla and Maclemus had such a story. Until he went mostly inactive.

    Most of my IC relationships "end" because I retire/roster/flake out. Another one was on Star Trek Gamma One, where my betazoid ended up with an imzedi bond with a human. We had a long-term relationship that was so much fun, though I don't think they were married for very long-- because the game sort of dwindled out around their story got going.

    I'm trying to think of other IC marriages.

    The shortest would probably have been, originally, Tik and Ainsley's. Since we proc'd their marriage, and then like five minutes later I rostered? ;)

    Of the top of my head, other than the time I app'd a married couple with my boyfriend on TR. Igor and Hedwig on HM ended up married in a sort of "we're married as much as it counts".

    Oddly, most of my long term relationships that I've really enjoyed and stuck with have involved not much TS. Either because me and the other person are too busy doing other stuff, and assume it happens off screen, or because the other person prefers FTB. (I know this is not a conversation about TS, it was just a random aside.)

  • ... most of my PCs start out as widowers. I did not know this about myself.

  • I dunno; Chance and Soleil (@Sunny) on TR had a long build up to marriage, then got married, but then my IRL not that long later hit me in the head repeatedly.

    Partly, well, its just most games don't really last that long.

  • Pitcrew

    Mine was on Firan, and the whole relationship lasted a couple of years IRl I think. The other player was exceptionally sane, and so our RP was full of drama and emotion and fun but there was nothing OOC but a good friendship with mutual respect. Sometimes when I travel to his City for business we hang out and grab dinner and catch up. It was one of the best things I got out of Firan, that arc and that friendship.

    It ended when my character died, but the friendship remained.


  • I've had IC relationships of marriage or just long term relationships. My Crystal Singer alt wasn't ever married, but she had a RL ~12 year relationship with a fellow Singer that she often partnered with. I had a Star Trek alt who apped-in with a fiance that a friend played who came on grid about eight months after she did and they ended up married around a year or so later and were still together when the game went down. Most of my alts are ridiculously bad at relationships, though. I mean I play Kip on FH. He's the worst.

  • Admin

    @vulgarkitten said in MUSH Marriages (IC):

    What's the longest one you've ever had?

    About a RL year on a MUD, ages ago.

    Eh, it was a different time. I simply haven't played a character long enough to reach the point where he'd married to someone, even though Theodore@HM wasn't too far from that stage.

    I probably wouldn't start a character already married to someone, though. Too many assumptions about how their life has been up to that point, and it feels like skipping a lot of roleplaying in order to play out its conclusion.

  • Pitcrew

    Both of my characters currently in Arx are in relatively new marriages. One for 2 years-ish IC-wise and the other under 6 months.

  • Pitcrew

    Most of my IC marriages are to people who are mega idle. This happened on Firan and it's happening on Arx. They are blissful arrangements. ;)

    On Firan - my noble had a wedding and all that jazz but the player wasn't ever active. I had one commoner who also did the whole courtship, IC ceremony, etc. That was a happy little story.

    On Arx - my noble had the whole courtship thing and we did a wedding ceremony off screen. We've actually done a lot of things off screen due to scheduling conflicts but the story is really good. My commoner is with someone and I assume it's a common law marriage. That too is a good story. I've been lucky so far on Arx to have really chill and fun RP partners.

  • Pitcrew

    I have only ever been MUSH married on Firan, because it was such a big thing there. I had two, they were both with people I loved rp with and enjoyed chatting with ooc, so, score. I guess the first one lasted longer, as the second was ended by the game ending. It was horrible, IC. My husband was a not super functional sociopath. Good times.

  • Pitcrew

    Longest: Two years.

    Shortest: A few months.

  • Pitcrew

    I was married to @saosmash on Second Pass for -- gosh, I dunno, a year or two? The entire romance was basically two years. It was great! It ended cause we left the game, which was sad. But they made it all the way to fatherhood and stuff.

    We also apped in married on a different game, which was fun because we'd been friends for many years at that point and so trusted each other a lot. Sadly I was a jerk who only lasted a year or so before wandering off. Actually it was apparently longer than I realized.

  • @roz You were a great husbando. A++, would recommend.

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