• Pitcrew

    So Skyrim just did something a video game hasn't done in a long time--it startled the shit out of me.

    I left the house I'm sort of in the process of finishing, set my controller aside and picked up my computer, only to hear the sound of heavy mouth-breathing and something stamping around.

    I almost threw my computer aside to grab my controller and pause the game.

    (For those who've never played Skyrim, that means a Giant has spawned outside the house, as they sometimes do, and you're about four seconds away from becoming paste.)

  • I ought to play Skyrim again. Although, I hate trying to level the skills because it's a pain to get the supplies.

  • Pitcrew

    Actually, you can get smithing up to 100 just by tooling around Whiterun. They have almost everything you need to forge everything, and Smithing is the skill where the more perks you buy, the easier it becomes to farm the skill, since as you start forging better kit it both gives you more options to make shit, and the stuff you make pays for your supplies.

    I don't find Enchanting hard, except I only like using Grand or Black soul gems, especially for kit I plan to use.

    Alchemy, though? Fuuuuuck that. That's a minigame I have not been able to get into.

  • I usually get frustrated enough I just cheat level all the skills to legendary 5 or whatever it is. I like to do the questing not sitting and levelling all the skills.

    For alchemy, though, you learn 1 or 2 of what the crap can be used for if you eat it. I think it is 2. I don't recall if it's a more than once thing.

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