Debating between Marvel Heroic and Marvel Universe RPGs

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    For a superhero game which system would be preferred: Marvel Heroic Role Playing or the Marvel Universe RPG? Assume no other options, it has to be one of these two(or one of these two modified to fit a MUX). I've been talking to a few people about it and there seems to be no clear consensus, at least among us.

    Marvel Heroic has a ton of web resources for both Marvel and DC and has a narrative element but it can be a bit "bland" for some people(you end up rolling like a D10, 3D8, and a D6 for most things).

    Marvel Universe is diceless and is pretty quick but not well known and has very few net resources. It might also need more tweaks than Marvel Heroic for a MUX(with Marvel Heroic it'd mostly be customizing the Doom Pool for MU play).

    Anyway, just curious what the masses think. Thanks!

  • Pitcrew

    I really Like Marvel Heroic, done well it emulates current comics fairly well.
    Never played Marvel Universe, but the dice-less aspect never appealed to me.

  • @zombiegenesis

    The Doom Pool makes it easy for speedy enemy stuff.

  • Marvel Heroic, for sure. The biggest trick will be establishing a means of semi-consistent CG constraints just so you don't have people wanting to put a d10 or d12 in everything.

    The Valiant RPG kind of has a way to do that, but I'm not sure how easily it could be translated to the MH system.

    Edited to add: found this attempt at points-based chargen, but haven't really tested it at all myself (and the author definitely doesn't seem interested in seeing how applicable it would be to DC or other universes' characters):

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