Pernworld MUSH: Half Moon Bay Searches!

  • It's that time again, at Half Moon Bay Weyr! Search time!

    The island is headed into summer, and the dry season. The skies are clear, the crops are growing, and the senior gold is glowing...THE SENIOR GOLD IS GLOWING? Apparently unstoppable in the flight department, Half Moon Bay's senior has been deafening the weyrfolk for a while now. Her rider's been traumatizing holders and wingleaders alike, and publicly seeking the perpetrators of the underground glitter-smuggling ring, which has been supplying the Weyr's Dark Needs for glitter in spite of the embargo.

    //All// the Weyr needs is a bunch of candidates running around. Will they heed the embargo? Will Citayla's bloodlust for the glitter smugglers die down with her gold's flight? We'll just have to see.

    OOC Info: Half Moon Bay Weyr's OOC Search is officially open and we are now accepting applications for all color choices to stand for a clutch through March 17th! Simply log on and type 'search me' from any room of the game to apply.

    Half Moon Bay is a friendly and eclectic area of the game - situated on a jungle island, the weather usually errs on the blissful side of balmy even in winter, with the occasional monsoon for spice. You can learn more about Half Moon Bay Weyr, its culture, our current characters, and see examples of our RP logs by checking out the links below! If you have questions please contact any of our friendly search coordinators: Citayla, R'hyn, Ila'den, R'et and L'kan.

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    MUSH connection is at, port:2211

    Our game is a MUSH-based roleplay, which means that our game is run through a server client, and focuses on real-time roleplay executed in third-person present tense. All of our players are friendly and willing to talk you through learning this system! It's quite easy once you get used to it! Please check out the New Player link above for info on how to use a MUSH client.

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