Gotham Chronicles Kickstarter

  • Thought this looked pretty decent. Trying to decide if it's enough to tempt me away from the DC Universe/Batman Miniature Game.

    Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles

  • @zombiegenesis said in Gotham Chronicles Kickstarter:

    Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles

    The initial box design made me hope this was by the same people who did the DC Comics Deck Building Game... That game is really well-designed. If it was, I'd be all about this.

    Miniature games aren't really my thing. Mostly due to cost, but also just due to time investment simply to play. But the DC Comics Game is still some of the most fun I've had playing a deck building game (and I love me some CCG/LCG type games).

  • Blah, Cryptozoic. They lost me with the Ghostbusters Kickstarter debacle. Also, with the later sets of DC, you needed a truckload of house rules to keep earlier cards viable and playable. So I sadly stopped playing the DC version of the game but I do still play their Hobbit card game.

  • I wish I had the money for this as I'd be all over this, but you know I have a mad love of DC Comics. :)

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