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    Open for Beta! Cgen, dice, temp rooms, the wiki - it all works. We're currently just finishing the grid and recruiting players and Staff. RP for now will be set near the end of Summer break, 2018, with school (high school and college, focus will be on both) starting when we have our grand opening.

    Welcome to Lovecraft is a mortal horror game using the Slasher Flick rules system and (very) loosely inspired by the comic book series Locke and Key. Knowledge of either is unnecessary to play here - everything you need is on the wiki.

    Our story is set in Lovecraft, Massachusetts, a fictional island town connected to the mainland by bridge with a single road in and out. On the surface it's a pretty little resort town with a friendly, close-knit community, but appearances can be deceiving. Beneath that placid surface is an ancient horror that feeds on youth and innocence, leaving the adults in an oblivious fog. Players take on the roles of students at Lovecraft High and Miskatonic University, or one of the rare adults who, scarred by the past, remembers and see things as they truly are.

    The story is not limited to eldritch horrors by any means, and nearly any horror or thriller can fit right in here, from big screen slashers to the books of Stephen King. Using a game system that emphasizes cinematic storytelling over dice and survival over combat, we focus on personal horror from the point of view of the average person. We encourage player-run-plots, and have a number of pre-made plot kits you can use to tell stories, or you can make up your own with staff approval. We also utilize supporting characters to use in your stories.

    Welcome to Lovecraft. We hope you enjoy your stay.

  • This is oddly appealing to me. I like the system, the inversion of you don't win against the monsters, you survive the monsters. I like there's a touch of Buffy but without Buffy herself, let alone Willow. And if my character survives, hey, college vampires to survive!

    I wish very slightly they didn't name it 'Lovecraft', because that just means something specific. But whatevs. Staff is helpful. chargen is pretty simple. Mechanics are light but not so light that there's just a nod towards mechanics.

    Haven't actually RP'd there yet, but making a person was pleasant and the setting is very well fleshed out and staff seems to have thought through things.

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    @ixokai The name is from the comic. Joe Hill (Stephen King's kid) named it Lovecraft. Keyhouse and the Drowning Cave, the Narwhals mascot, that all comes from the comic.

  • @Botulism Oops, I somehow missed this was based on a property. Nevermind that complaint! My ignorance is a power in its own right :)

  • @botulism said in Welcome to Lovecraft:

    @ixokai The name is from the comic. Joe Hill (Stephen King's kid) named it Lovecraft. Keyhouse and the Drowning Cave, the Narwhals mascot, that all comes from the comic.

    This is one of my favorite graphic novel series. Not that anyone cares. Just wanted to point that out--since the name of the game made me really curious if there was going to be Whispering Iron vents out there for unfortunate fools to create strange and dangerous keys :)

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    @darkdeleria No vents, all the keys are already made. :)

  • CG was quick and easy. And I have a feeling this one will work out better than the last teen horror game.

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    @tnp Awesome! Thanks for giving it a chance. :D

    We have a Staffer now dedicated to designing Miskatonic U, and the college will be just as much of a focus as the high school, for anyone wary of 'Teen Drama' RP.

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    I held a Workshop on the game system for players to get a feel of how things work. Posting the log below!

  • @botulism Am glad to see this happening. I would love to see more people doing this for every system every so often.

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    @surreality It was fun! People seemed to think it was a great way to learn a new system.

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    We're officially open! I'll be trying to run things throughout the weekend to kick things off, and both the high school and university start the year on IC Monday. +Time is accurate.

    Making a character takes 5 minutes. It's fast and easy. Give us a try!

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    So we're having an event Wednesday - would potentially-interested players actually log in as a pre-made NPC to try the game out if we made some? We have Central Casting, which are fleshed-out NPCs on the wiki you can use in RP, but they aren't actual character bits on the game right now. I could make them so if people would actually use them, but it's a fair amount of work to go through for nothing if not.


  • The event was fun. It wasn't a kill scene but it was creepy and interesting. Its apparently meant to kickstart the first seasonal plot, so!

    I look forward to running some stuff in this system; I'm almost more interested in that aspect then playing, not that I'm not interested in playing.

  • Got a feeling the idea would be (Rightly) shot down but there's a big part of me that wants to app a Dr. Peter Venkman type character. A teacher and a complete fraud abusing peoples belief in the potential of the existence of psychic energies who winds up getting thrown out as a teacher at the university only to open his own ghost hunting business with a few other teachers from the university.

    Purely because of how tragically that would end on a legit horror place. It would be brutal to see play out.

  • @mr-johnson Call it fate, call it luck, call it karma...

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    I'm excited for this place, too!

    The system is really light, and it feels like a perfect alternative to using mortal-only WoD and still ending up with a ton of min-maxing to deal with. CG is super fast. It really just lets you focus on the dumb movie tropes etc.

    Last night's scene was a good creepy intro and now we've all had bad dreams. Oh no!

  • The system books are also on sale on Drive Thru right now.

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    @sg Awesome! We use a modified version, but still worth it! To be clear, you don't need them to play on our game.

  • @sg Where's the link to that for DriveThruRPG?

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