Game Theory: Pro Wrestling MUX!

  • So I had this discussion on a game not that long ago and I thought it was an interesting topic; could you make a pro wrestling game work? Now, this isn't really about testing for interest, I'm assuming there's actually minimal to no interest in an actual pro wrestling game, BUT what would it take to make one work and be interesting? These are the questions I've been pondering.

    1: FC(real wrestlers) or original characters?
    2: Should the game be from a kayfabe standpoint or deal with RL politics and things?
    3: What kind of system should be used? Freeform? A simple system like Filsinger Games Legends of Wrestling or something more in-depth like an actual combat system?
    4: What would players do? What would a typical week on the game look like?

    We had some thoughts as we discussed this the other night but I thought I'd toss it up here in case anyone else thought it'd be fun to throw out some ideas. I'll post my answers in a comment below.

  • Pitcrew

    @zombiegenesis said in Game Theory: Pro Wrestling MUX!:

    1: FC(real wrestlers) or original characters?

    While I understand that RL wrestlers are playing characters themselves, I find the idea of making RL people FCs creepy AF.

  • My idea for a wrestling mux would be Legends of Wrestling MUX. I actually run a Legends of Wrestling fed using homebrew stats for the Legends of Wrestling card game. The idea is the game takes place on Clone World, a planet populated by clones of celebrities from "the past"(the game world takes place like 1,000 years in the future). So...

    1: FCs obviously. Any wrestler from any era is eligible to be played.
    2: Kayfabe. Wrestling is REAL and not scripted!
    3: I'd use a lite system like the Legends card game because it'd be easy to code up a +wrestle system with that and it'd be very easy to code up an AI system so a single player could have a match against an NPC pretty easily. We wouldn't have to have PC vs PC matches for everything.
    4: I'd set it up so that there was 1 card per week, posted on a Monday. All wrestlers would have till Friday to play their matches (which would be archived by the system) and results would be posted on Sunday. We'd then have a monthly PPV that would follow the same rules. If there were enough players or interest we could do a second card per week or have a women's division/card every week.

    Beyond that, it'd be living in the Pro Wrestling HQ and just living life and playing through storylines and stuff. Probably mostly social but there could be impromptu non-sanctioned matches or whatever. Live some wrestling storylines!

    Anyway, that's it. Like I said, a game that would never happen but I think it'd be a blast nonetheless. :)

  • If someone could figure out how to wrangle the World Wide Wrestling PbtA rules to a MU*-friendly format, that could be fucking amazing...


    My only input would be use an easy system like Cortex. Cortex allows for a lot of variety, and you can do a lot of combos. Define your attributes, define your skills, define any 'bonuses' and they all have die ratings that can be increased, and boom there you go.

    It also has the neat option of 'bidding your opponents' damage(s) against them'. Like, if you've got a dude up to a d6 Physical Stress, some things might let you bid that against him.

  • @fatefan I've been thinking about picking that up recently, is it any good?

    @Bobotron For some reason I didn't even think about Kinnikuman but that would be amazing.

  • @zombiegenesis I think it's awesome, personally, but I will admit that I'm a big fan of most of the PbtA games I've come across (with the occasional exception). I think it does a really good job of emphasizing the hyperbolic drama of wrestling matches and the activities surrounding those performances.

  • Pitcrew

    I think it could be interesting but I share Roz's dislike having people RP FCs that are actual human beings. Especially since some actually use their real names.

    So I would go with all OC but let people co the unlicensed video game route so every one knows King Slender is a very thinly veiled Ric Flair, etc.
    As far as keeping Kayfabe or actually doing the matches as a work I am really torn on though I think it could be a lot of fun either way. And I would likely play either way, who wants to join me in the Ammunition Association, which will totally not be like the Bullet Club. :)

  • @zombiegenesis

    Kinnikuman could be some inspirational listing, but it's as good a place as any to steal wrestling stuff from. Same with Tiger Mask and probably a plethora of others. 80s Japan liked their sports anime (really, Japan likes its sports anime in general).

  • I don't necessarily agree but I see what people are saying about FCs. I think it'd still be awesome with OCs, maybe even better because then you can combine your favorite wrestlers; I'd totally have The Macho Maniac.

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