Television reviews?

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    I'm looking for a website that has breakdowns of televisions and other electronics sort of like IGN or Metacritic does for games or rotten tomatoes for movies. If anyone could bump me a few suggestions that'd be great.

  • Consumer reports will likely be your best one, though you may have to visit the library to get full access for free. When I was shopping a few years back, i saved about 50% of the sticker price for my TV by getting the dumb version instead of a smart one. I have enough old computers laying around that I could use one of those for streaming, so YMMV.

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    thanks, I tried finding a "dumb" version of the TV I am looking at but doesn't look like they have one. It's got a bunch of positive reviews and I've been looking at various tech sites and seems like it'll be good enough. Thanks again!

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