FFA Grids

  • So this might be seen as a bit cheap, buuuut. My standards are pretty low, so.

    Does anyone have/know of grids from by now probably dead games that might be allowed to be repurposed? Preference being for a larger city, but really beyond that I am not picky on the subject.

  • You'd spend more time tearing out and redescing stuff you don't want than just building it yourself. That is, unless you truly just plan to dump it into the DB and play on it?

  • Posted over a year ago and definitely a can of worms: http://www.cityofhopemush.com/cohdb/

    If you plan to make a public game, Rook's right: you'll probably spend as much time demolishing as you would digging and descing.

  • I don't mind digging and descing grids. I just can't promise playing or any interest in the game. I like doing building on mu*s.

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