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    We might as well have a thread for this. :)

    ... especially since I happen to have a question. Is there any way short of recompiling the bloody thing to use a different character as command separator than the semicolon?

    It's really annoying since ; is used in actual posing and chatting, but I can't see how to do that at a glance (or two). Any tt++ veterans here who can field this one?

  • You can't change it, but maybe this helps.

    All commands can be separated with a ';'.
    Example: n;l green;s;say Dan Dare is back! -- do these 4 commands
    There are several ways ';'s can be overruled.
    Example: \say Hello ;) -- Lines starting with a '\' aren't parsed by tintin.
    Example: say Hello \;) -- The escape character can esape 1 letter.

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