Idealist.Org Game Days

  • The gentleman who runs (visit to see if there are jobs and/or volunteer opportunities in your area or online that might work out) has proposed a regular series of board game days in public spaces. The goal is to bring local community/neighborhood folks together, get them playing and talking. When the mood is right, the event-runner asks a couple questions meant to prompt people to discuss what they can do in their area to help improve it, whatever improvement means to them. He suggests 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, etc. each month as the date of choice.

    (Link to his original proposal:

    Anyways, I mention it because we seem to enjoy games as a group. :) There are FB groups opening up for various cities, for interested parties to congregate and plan. I myself don't plan to host an event alone, but I'll likely offer to help if anyone in my area wants to take on the brunt of the work.


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