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  • Tutorialist

    I have a few roster characters on roster for the duchy that my character, Clover, is the duchess-consort of! I'd love to have someone pick these characters up! Come play with us!

    Lady Elsbetta Farshaw: The naive optimist matured into a determined realist with a firm sense of nobility. On first blush Elsbetta Farshaw is an incredibly bright and bubbly woman, but underneath it is a steel backbone and an intense pragmatism. She is aware that every thing you voice, every expression you give, every action you take makes an impression on the world around you. She has chosen to make the impression she leaves a positive one. Not haplessly optimistic but socially aware, Elsbetta does her best to lift others up despite the pain and suffering they have faced. -- Elsbetta serves as Westrocks minister of morale, and their diplomatic lead.

    Lord Alban Farshaw: Take one part Devotee of Limerance and two parts Disciple of Gloria and mix well. Honor, chivalry, and fealty are the things that Alban Farshaw loves the most in life. He holds himself to a strict code of honor and conduct. He takes the laws of fealty as a noble very seriously, as he takes the idea of chivalry. Incredibly steady for a man so young he might come across as stoic to some. He seems to cast an aura of calm around himself through charisma alone. He's a staid and stalwart man. - Alban is the Minister of Warfare for Farshaw, an ultra-honorable knight (play up the Arthurian Knight type), and tactical strategist for Westrock.

    Sir Thorley Sandreef: Sir Thorley Sandreef is a man of few words, though when he does speak it tends to be cutting and sharp. He prefers the company of the drink, and the occasional brawl, than he does the company of others. Though he serves Westrock loyally, he's not a typical Valardin Knight. His former sailor days show through here and there in his mannerism and his speech; unpolished and bordering on crude. - Sir Thorley is the Sword of Westrock Reach. He's a washed-up "sailor" (literally), with some strange connection to the Farshaw family. He's cranky, experienced, and a bit jaded!

    We also have vassal slots, so if you've four friends interested in trying out arx and want to build a House, we have slots you can take!

  • Pitcrew

    I keep seeing posts about this place, and it seems immensely popular. Might just have to look into it, eh? I haven't back-read posts well enough to get a more basic overview, and wasn't sure where to start on the website. xD Should I just log into the game and look for theme?

  • Tutorialist

    @ortallus Yes, logging in and asking questions on the guest channel might be your best bet.

  • Pitcrew

    @cobaltasaurus Perhaps I'll look into it later today.

  • Pitcrew

    I'd love to pluck one of these up for you, but alas, I barely have time for poor Valerio. I may poke you in the future once my life stabilizes.

  • I'm half-tempted to bring Augustus back just to give foil to all these people.

  • @ortallus For you and anyone else that might stumble across... The (very) short version:

    Arx is an original fantasy setting based in a very large city (Arx). The mystical and magical are slowly reawakening as the people of Arx rediscover old allies, old enemies, old magics, and the like. The came centers around Arx, which is the seat of power of the Compact - a kingdom formed by the alliance of 5 great houses. The mood there is mostly urban, the theme is fairly relaxed and easy, and the story that is provided is impossibly vast.

    By impossibly vast, I mean, you can spend a few RL weeks investigating some oddity and end up finding some 100 year old note that some knight wrote to her liege, which describes some foul evil on the horizon. It's that level of depth in the lore. It's awesome.

  • Tutorialist

    Hi! We have a Thorley and an Elsbetta now! We still have Alban on the roster, though there may be an app in for him? Last I heard there was a guest asking about him!

    We still have room for OCs, and like I said if you have four enthusiastic friends, we have vassals available.

  • Pitcrew

    @cobaltasaurus I want whatever sauce it is you're selling. I've been trying to get Deepwood folks forever and a day!

  • Tutorialist

    @cupcake I dunno!

    Also we got an Alban! So if you’re looking to join hit me up about OCs. Though Lisebet and Jack may be on the roster soon-ish? Uncertain.

  • Pitcrew

    @cobaltasaurus Jack went on the roster yesterday. I know it because the name stuck out to me!

  • Is there an idle code in place yet on Arx that allows for client side idle timers?

  • Pitcrew

    @lithium Didn't Griatch say 'idle' was basically the Evennia equivalent of @@ in the arx thread?

  • @brent Yeah, it is. Just use 'idle' or even nick it to @@

  • @apos said in Join Westrock Reach @ Arx!:

    @brent Yeah, it is. Just use 'idle' or even nick it to @@

    I used idle and never had an issue, even though I normally had to @@ when playing on other games.

  • The idle code is not client side code. I need something client side or Comcast kills my connection, so it's got to be something I send, not something handled on server side.

  • Pitcrew

    @lithium It is client side. You set up a timer in your client to send the word "idle" like you would with "@@" on another codebase

  • @roz Ah. Ok. I misunderstood.

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