Games that are active overnight?

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    My timezone is EST, but I work overnight which is really when I can get my RP in. Generally between 8pm - 7am. Can anyone recommend a game with any active spheres (NWOD, preferable) around that time? I really thought Fallcoast was going to be the one, but even though there's a ton of people on, I rarely ever get a response to the request for RP.

    Maybe I'm just in the wrong sphere, too. But I've asked on game if there's an active sphere around that time, and I've never gotten a response to that either.

    I'm in the timezone sink hole. Help!

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    I'm going to guess you play a vampire? There are people but vampire seems to have a shit time getting along. Mage is a little rough cause some people are scared but really I play a lot at night and odd hours and I don't have too terrible of a time. There are people in Europe and Australia as well as a couple skeevy dudes I've seen lurking about on the late night (I swear I'm not one). I think the key is availability (being able to play when they play) and content (something interesting to do). There is ton's of people I could RP with but if we have nothing to RP about what's point?

  • @stabby I wish I could recommend something. I'm an EST nightowl by nature, also, just not really checking places out lately. If I stumble across something, I'll definitely pass it along.

    Sadly, sometimes 'there's a ton of people on' seems less likely to produce results than 'there are only a handful of people on but they're all also looking for people to do things with' -- and it's damnably impossible to tell which kind of game it is until you're through CG and plant the flag of 'anybody wanna do some stuff?' somewhere visible.

    People are often super gung-ho about every new face before they CG, but I notice the enthusiasm seems to drop once that 'potential new buddy' turns out to be a different sphere they wouldn't interact with for whatever reason, not their gender of boinking choice in some cases probably best avoided anyway, etc. etc. etc. in ways that are frustrating in their own right, but the initial wave of 'this could be the answer to my dreams!' going on in some heads that spawns some enthusiastic newbie greetings can sometimes give a false appearance of 'there are opportunities here!' when... welllllllllllllllllllllll, not so much...

    If I ever find a thing in these hours when it comes time to beat the bushes for places to play, will pass it along, though.

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    Yeah @ThatOneDude it's vampire. I ask pretty much every night and have only gotten a response two or three times. @mail people I need to talk to, and have only gotten a response from one of them. It's kind of disheartening because there's always SO many people on.

    @surreality Thank you! I'm on the Darkwater reboot too. But there's only a handful of us right now. I can typically get a scene in every other day there, which is great. But I'm also forcing myself to wake up a little earlier to do it. Because that's the mature, adult decision-making thing to do.

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    I wish you luck. The last time I worked 3rd shift on EST, I ended up playing MUDs for the lack of RP. :\

    It's a really, really hard timezone to be an overnighter in. I feel your pain.

  • @stabby While I'm not big on Changeling (so I'm not there m'self), I really hope Darkwater does well. A single-sphere Changeling game sounds like it could be fun even to me, and one without... well, certain influences is something I am incredibly glad is up and running. (If I was ever going to try to learn it and then play somewhere, that's definitely the place I'd pick.)

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    @surreality If you ever want to dip your toes into that water, it's a great place for that sort of thing. There's only a handful of people, but they're all very helpful and inclusive!

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    I can't help you with WoD, but I can tell you that Arx's playerbase size means RP is often findable at all sorts of hours.

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    @roz I've seen it mentioned a few times on here. What's the theme/play like?

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    @stabby Original fantasy theme. The world thinks it's low fantasy, slowly discovering through plot that maybe it's high fantasy. Code-heavy if you like code toys, but you can just get out and RP with the normal tools. Very heavy on metaplot and continuity.

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    Relative newbie (2 weeks) to Arx here; will second the recommendation and add the reply: "what do you want the theme/play to be like?" -- I like investigations and darkness; I'm getting that. There are people who like more lighthearted RP; I think they get that too.

    I'm playing a PC heavy on mentals and socials and I haven't felt like I'm gonna get beat down outside of what the PC might deserve for his IC sharpness. Stat crunch as far as the dinosaurs walking around isn't that damning in terms of people looking to lord over you (though I play a PC who isn't easily impressed by that sort of thing anyway, haha). My PC has the combat stats of a two-week-old kitten (no, really, I rolled a -7 or something at a strength+huge wpn check at 15, just as a laugh OOC). But that's not his focus. If I were into combat types and not investigative, I could probably find what I was looking for on the roster too.

    There's a fair amount of ground for flexibility in terms of where you want your RP to go, though at the moment the city is heading towards war/marshaling troops (which my PC doesn't have a damn thing to do with, but I don't really dig combat anyway, so that's fine). But I bet if you wanted a character who just chilled in Arx (the main city) while the war was going on, there would be stuff to do anyway. I know Derovai (my PC) is not going to go fighting anywhere, because he'd be toast in a second, and he ICly knows it.

    That's kind of a non-answer, I know, but let us folks who are there know what you're after, and we might be able to point you to the right direction on-game! Also, it's 4 AM and I'm buzzed on caffeine, so this is a bit repetitive. Sorry!

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    @stabby COME PLAY ON ARX WITH ME. I will help you make an OC or help you pick a roster. Also if you tell me who you are playing on FC, I can try to play with you there when I am awake late at night because of my ASS-SHIT schedule.

    (Like tonight.)

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    @insomnia WHAT. Pick a roster character and play that instead of an OC! >:|

  • @cobaltasaurus I mean, I'm not calling you a lying liar who lies but...

    You know I only play at one place at a time. :P

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    @insomnia WELL PICK A PLACE. DW or ARX. >:|

    It's also not my fault our schedules didn't link up until we decided to open DW again.

  • @cobaltasaurus I'm sorry I didn't get fired sooner! :(

    I dunno, how fast do they do jobs on Arx? >.>

  • @insomnia said in Games that are active overnight?:

    @cobaltasaurus I'm sorry I didn't get fired sooner! :(

    I dunno, how fast do they do jobs on Arx? >.>

    Hm, all things being relative. Apps usually overnight at most. Investigations we keep up with okay. Simple jobs usually as soon as I see them. Some of the complex things probably not as fast as I'd like, due to the sheer volume with like 350 active players and a thousand characters or so, but I think the oldest jobs are like a couple weeks old. I think we do okay, but we're always trying to add more automation and streamline things in places to improve turn around time.

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    I play a vampire on Fallcoast, and I'd be happy to play with you when I can. My evenings are limited.

    Flashpoint: Gotham is run by folks in Aussieland, I think. So, I've heard they are more active in those hours.

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    @fortydeuce said in Games that are active overnight?:

    will second the recommendation and add the reply: "what do you want the theme/play to be like?"

    We actually have a very defined setting/'theme', it's not at all a sandbox.