Forum Bug?

  • When I am on my mobile phone and if I stay too long on one thread that has a post from an ignored user, it expands the post and shows it, though it's all still greyed out and styled in the way of the 'This message is hidden because its author is in your ignored list.'

    Doesn't happen on the PC. I can't inspect to see what is happening on my mobile.

    Speaking of, why do we even see if someone we ignore posts? i don't give a shit, man.

  • @meg It's happening on my PC (mac) in Chrome as well. It hadn't before. It seems to only occur when someone posts their post while I am already viewing the thread; if I click off of it and return it's hidden as normal. It may be some lag in it rendering the content as 'hidden' appropriately.

  • @surreality hm, this post was definitely posted before I went in there. Maybe they edited it? Possibly it is happening then too. Maybe after I get off work we can ignore each other and debug it, or something.

  • @meg It may have something to do with how fast posts are appearing, too. I never saw it until today -- though I did hear someone else mention it a ways back and now kinda feel like a jerk because I was all 'that is not a thing wtf are you talking about'.

    ...but not too much of a jerk, because they claimed to have me on ignore and HOW DARE I KEEP POSTING PERIOD BECAUSE IGNORE IS BROKEN AND THEY STILL HAD TO SEE IT OMG. So I guess maybe I shouldn't feel quite so bad. I dunno. It's been a week, for reals. (And it's just Monday. :( )

  • nodebb is an asshole. (Ark or myself can try to poke it with a stick and hopefully not break the world sometime this week probably.)

  • Admin

    @meg said in Forum Bug?:

    Speaking of, why do we even see if someone we ignore posts? i don't give a shit, man.

    Ignoring users isn't a core functionality for nodebb. We're using the latest version of , and that's about all I can do unless I import the repo and get my hands dirty, which iiiisn't gonna happen. :)

    Plus the whole platform is like, fragile. We're due for another update but even with daily rotating backups I'm kinda worried to do it because once I hit that button anything can happen.

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