Third Sphere Question.

  • Pitcrew

    Quick poll: For a WoD 2e game with vampire and werewolf, set in New Orleans, what would people want for a mortal+ sphere, and why?

    Things to consider:

    Should either play well with vamp/were or with NOLA as a theme.
    Should be easy to update to 2e.
    Should not be Hunter.

  • I'm not sure what you're looking for here. If it's between ghoul and wolfblooded, it'd seem like if you have one, you should have the other. If it's not one of those, it'd be strange to take a minor template from a different splat. That really just leaves psychic/thaum, the former already rules ready and the latter probably easy enough to convert to just have both.

  • Eternal?!

    Is this a new game or built from one already going?

  • Pitcrew

    Well, there's stuff like Immortal or Possessed. Skinchangers. Thaumaturges, yes. Ghouls and Wolfbloods seem to go hand in hand with vamps and weres.

    The one I've given most thought to is Immortal - Eternals, Bathers, and Reborn; leaving out Purified because it's too sticky to figure their shit out, really. I don't like Visitors because games that have rules about making you fuck are weird and in general I just don't like them for REASONS. Wardens as NPCs because revolving door Warden PCs suck, but a 'Council of Wardens' as an NPC leadership group for Immortals sounds really fucking cool.

    New game. I'm no longer staffing on Reno and it's left me with an abundance of urge to do shit.

  • Possessed should burn. Didn't think about immortals, though. Eternals would be pretty fun with vampires and they'd be easy to integrate.

  • Pitcrew

    I think Eternals and Bathers both have a fun thematic hook with vampires; I just wish I thought Purified could be "fun thematic hook with weres" instead of what I've always experienced - werewolves wanting their one Purified someone was fucking to threaten people with, or hating them a ton. Might be able to work some spiritual angle into Eternals, or work up -something- to bridge the gap. Open to suggestions. I want a crossover-heavy, low-Masquerade game with a lot of in-the-know mortals and lots of encouragement for you to have, say, a Blood Bather who hobnobs with a vampire who claims territory that overlaps with a werewolf pack, and they frequently work together to figure out why there are so many goddamned zombies in their neighborhood lately.

  • @RDC Nice, sounds like a great plan for a fun game. Purified are really cool and with the spirit stuff they would potentially make a lot of sense working with werewolves and, being able to see all the things they potentially could have hooks with vampires.

  • Pitcrew

    I agree that Purified are fun - however, a nightmare given the fact that it's really hard to kill them, which means everyone's -terrified- of them. They've got weird ill-defined sensory abilities, pseudo telenukes, better-than-werewolf ability to bind spirits (which is a telenuke all its own) and a strange half-powerstat. Purified are a nightmare I don't want to deal with.

  • @RDC Why not just take the visitor powerset, remove the alien sex death urge, and call it done? They use gifts, just say they're spirit provided, rather than horny brain aliens.

  • Pitcrew

    That actually might not be a bad idea, @Glitch. Just reskin Visitors as, well. A sort of pseudo-Claimed. Maybe give them a choice to trade a Numina for a dot of Influences. Werewolves might want to murderface them, but I could do an IC workaround.

  • If I was going to have a third sphere for mortal/+, I'd just make a new organization called 'The Agency'. It would be comprised of pure mortals/psychics. Or just pure mortals.

    Make them the Technocracy minus the gadgets and magic. Their sole job is to cover up supernatural nonsense that the public might get wind of. It gives them cause to deal with supernaturals in a non-destructive way.

  • Mage.

  • I always thought it might be interesting if Purified held the same dislike of werewolves that spirits have in general.

  • @Creepy Are you talking just a grown-into cultural distaste or a weird switch-flip where you become Purified and just suddenly you REALLY don't like that guy over there with the strange glyph 'tattoos' peeking out from under his shirt?

  • @Miss-Demeanor said:

    @Creepy Are you talking just a grown-into cultural distaste or a weird switch-flip where you become Purified and just suddenly you REALLY don't like that guy over there with the strange glyph 'tattoos' peeking out from under his shirt?

    It can be part of the process of becoming a Purified. An imbedded distrust that makes your hackles rise. Couple that with being able to see spirits, and how they react to that guy with the strange glyph tattoo, and the sense is reinforced. Werewolves enslave spirits (fetishes, bindings, etc), don't let them do what they want (even if they're only trying to obey their own nature), and can literally devour spirits for essence. Their whole existence is based on "meddling" with spirits and the shadow.

    Now you're one of those spirity-types. What if they think you'd make a great fetish? Or a nice snack when low on essence?

    Flip it around too. Werewolves could view the Purified as a type of spirit-ridden or something. Crossing over between the worlds like any other spirit. Messing things up in the material world with ramifications in the shadow. And they do look tasty, don't they?

  • I could see that being good for a game where one or the other aren't playable, but doing that and having both spheres as PC's would inevitably cause more problems than the whole thing is worth. Antagonist PC's, whether they're playing as known Antagonists or just being an opposition, rarely ends well. Every game I've seen allow them ends up dropping them within months because inevitably somebody gets approved for a PC that's only there to piss in everyone's cornflakes, IC -and- OOC.

  • I wonder when it came about that IC cornflake pissing was a problem OOCly. I've always valued most of the people who antagonize my PC. I say most, because yes there are a select few who abuse it.

    I think if you police the problem players on an individual basis you can have antagonist factions.

  • Pitcrew

    @Huzuruth said:


    Ahahahahahahahahah no.

    @Creepy said:

    I always thought it might be interesting if Purified held the same dislike of werewolves that spirits have in general.

    That sounds like a pretty cool-sounding theme, but I kind of want (for this game) to erode that sense of "we can't work together" rather than increase it. I want someone to come to me with questions like, "Can a werewolf be a part of a coterie" and "Do I have to be a Dead Wolf to join a pack if I don't have to contribute totem points", or "Can a Blood Bather have Status (Circle of the Crones) even if they can't learn Cruac".

  • Or "Can my vampire catch rabies from my werewolf lover?'

    That's what cross-sphere'll getcha.

  • Pitcrew

    My answer to that is: Vampires cannot catch rabies.

    I do not give two shits if vampires and werewolves fuck. I don't care if Blood Bathers and squirrels fuck. Whose genitalia rubs against whose or what is the furthest thing from my mind when staffing, aside from decisions that reduce or eliminate the amount of give-a-shit I have to have about who is rubbing what on what.

    Hell, I may write an Acolyte Dead Wolf with a werewolf lover into game canon just to show specifically that I don't give a fuck.

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