CoD/W:tF 2E?

  • Any games other than Reno 2.0 around that support this? Not 1E, not Hybrid, but full on 2E W:tF?

  • @lithium you want people to support 2E?
    2E is ebil

    I would really like more 2E games but people don't seem to like it for some reason. It's better in many ways.

  • @alzie I want /sane/ people to support 2E. There used to be a number of 2E games, but not anymore. I think the problem is that people are trying to put to many sphere's into the game, and it's diluting things to much. Any sphere can work on it's own and all the staff would only have to worry about one sphere, two if you consider mortal/+ a sphere as well.

  • @lithium
    The community has proven time and again that it will have about 5 minutes of interest in a single-venue game, and then interest will wane and the game will collapse. That's the sadness in it.

    I think a lot of it is less 'don't like' and a lot of it is 'the learning'. There are significant changes and things to relearn in 2E, and I would bet a lot of people feel that's a barrier, when they can just stick with the things they already know.

  • There's a loose plan for a single sphere something that isn't being discussed openly yet, since nobody's sure what's going on with it quite yet at all beyond a chosen location, sphere, and the barest bones of a wiki.

    (Partly because some of the people involved have roughly zero patience for people whining to add additional spheres, and partly because it's hard to tell if it'll ever get anywhere on progress.)

    (And partly because, uh, I'm really overwhelmed and it would be a third wiki to maintain/dev. :/ )

  • I still like my solution to the single sphere problem. Multiple single sphere games run on the same MUX. You could play a vampire or a werewolf or a dingobaby or whatever without running into a blort or a mage or a libertarian ruining your plots. Bonus points in that you could build just one grid and make copies for each game. Or just set different reality layers and have everyone using the same grid at the same time.

  • @admiral I suspect the scene system code would work for this even better, as it doesn't have a grid in so much as it creates rooms on the fly as needed for a scene, sometimes based on a room template of sorts that gets cloned for that purpose.

  • @admiral

    Yeah, but what do you do when you have the player spread you have in say, Fallcoast, and then you end up with 'Well, there's only 5 vampires on, but fifty mages and twenty werewolves; and I don't like playing the other games?' Feasibly it could work but somewhere, someone is getting the short end of the stick via that division.

  • On Haunted Memories we mainly stayed out of each other's way. It was, again, a cultural thing, not an intended thing.

  • TDM has plans on adding 2.0wolf once we get the territory system hammered out. It'll be m/m+/vamp/wolf when she's all finished. Grid's mostly done, we've been working on theme brainstorming.

  • @bobotron said in CoD/W:tF 2E?:

    The community has proven time and again that it will have about 5 minutes of interest in a single-venue game, and then interest will wane and the game will collapse. That's the sadness in it.

    This is so much not true. What it has proven, is that it walks away from bad and/or inactive games. If you have a single sphere, your staff need to be engaged and not relying on the players to generate story/conflict for each other.

    Going multisphere is when it becomes EASYMODE in a lot of ways for staff, because the players will group up, spread out, and then beat the tar out of each other which generates content that staff don't really need to think about.

    The idea that single sphere games just /can't/ work is, bluntly, BS.

  • The Darkwater reboot has gotten off to a slow start, unfortunately.

    I was pretty hyped to see it come back. Still, it's been fun.

  • That's it, @Admiral said it's over, so it's over. Turn the lights off and go home.


  • @thenomain Someone's feeling catty today. I made a positive comment about a game and you get all pissy.

    I was stating it was off to a slow start as a possible commentary on the desire of players for a single sphere game without any criticism whatsoever of the product.

    Be more positive.

  • I'm going to +1 the "the community walks away from single sphere games".

    Many spheres = more characters = more stuff to do = more players = more stuff to do = ... You get the idea. We have a Changeling game that's been going for a while, single sphere, and it is holding it's own, and coming up on a year old, but even then it's quiet most of the time. There's a core group that enjoys their time, and for many people, that's just fine. But we hardly have the player base to support much more.

    I've seen as people walk away from other single-sphere games because it's boring, because they like the inter-sphere interaction, or because they can't find a scene.

    All that said, I think some games to play better in the single-sphere setting. Vampire does, because it's a lot more player-against-player. Changeling seems to play well, because there's a fair amount of politicking and player-against-player action, while also having an oddly dedicated fan base. I think Mage is way hard, due to the constant need for staff attention. Likewise, werewolf is very difficult, as someone needs to be running the Hisil, and that takes a lot of effort.

    I'll say best wishes to whatever single sphere game is in the chute, but I have my doubts.

  • @skew If you think a properly managed territory system in Werewolf 2.0 wouldn't have Player vs Player conflict... well...

  • @lithium Fair point! It'd have to be really well coded. I actually started on a system for it, but then I had players doing literal muppet arm flailing about how OH MY GOD IT"S GOING TO BE A MUD.

    Hard. Hard to balance. Maybe I'll pick that system back up one day. And the game. Werewolves in Hawaii, anyone?

  • Pitcrew

    alt text

    I dunno. I'd play there

  • Tutorialist

    @admiral said in CoD/W:tF 2E?:

    The Darkwater reboot has gotten off to a slow start, unfortunately.

    I was pretty hyped to see it come back. Still, it's been fun.

    This kind of post is not helpful. I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and believe you actually did mean it as a call for more players. But you should have posted something along the lines of: "Man, I'm hyped for the reboot of Darkwater! More people come play with us!".

    The past tense of "was hyped", coupled with "this is slow" is not helpful in anyway to the recruitment of players. It sends the idea that it's boring and there isn't anything to do.

    Which might or might not be the case.

    But, seriously, you can take a chill.

    I just worked a 10hr day, came home and all but vegetated like an idiot and then even put in a little bit of time STing on the heels of a scene that @Insomnia ran as Tyla, because players did something spontaneously and I was around to answer 'what would happen if'.

    I also gave both Puce and Neon some information and directions on part of the opening plot that they can easily take and run with, since my schedule is shitty and I'm not-- like I said both here and on the game --going to be around to ST 2-scenes a week like I did the last time the game ran.

  • I... alright? Sorry. My post came across in a way other than I intended it.

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