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    I haven't RPed in forever. I know WoD. I don't know what is active out there. Let me know!

    Where do you run / play? What version of WoD or whatever it's being called now is it? What spheres? Links?

    Pitch me a place to play. Conversely know who I am and want me to steer clear? Sell me not on playing there. Warnings about people to avoid will be taken in to consideration as well.

    I just miss RPing and don't what to have to read a novel's worth of rules and lore to learn a new system.

    Thanks in advance!

  • @insomnia

    I play Deirdre on Fallcoast, a Sanctified Vampire. I haven't played in a few days because I've been fuck busy and my ankle is all sprained and shit.

    I may also be playing a Geist in the near future.

  • I also play on Fallcoast, and I'm rockin' staffly things on the Possessed sphere.

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    @ganymede said in Pitch me your WoD:

    I may also be playing a Geist in the near future.

    I doubt that, but you might play a Sin-Eater.


  • I play sporadically and staff on Fate's Harvest. It's Changeling: The Lost (and mortal), and mostly 1E rule sets (with some 2E stuff). The setting is Vermont, where a newish Freehold has been established. Our metaplot involves some odd history in the semi-recent past that's being dredged up, as well as a dark force slowly seeping it's power through the town.

    To Play: Steady, reliable player base of about 20-30 unique logins, and 8-12 people actively RPing at any given time. There's a pretty steady day-time (US) player base, too. The game is ran by Annapurna, who played November on The Reach and someone else on somewhere else. She's really great.

    Not to Play: I personally really dislike 1E, but considering there's no 2E changeling it's palatable.

    Elsewise: A lot of people don't like that Spider is playing here. MSB has already went through this a few times, and I don't want to make to dive into it again. I'll just say that staff is aware of this players history and the player has been very responsive to feedback and criticism staff has given.

  • Pitcrew

    I have a vampire on Fallcoast that I did one scene with and occasionally log in. I just don't get how to find RP on that game.

    I also play on Fate's Harvest where I have my little psychic and have found a pretty decent RP circle. Being mortal, she's not really involved in the big plots, but I'm not a fan of big plots anyway, preferring to tell my own character-centric stories, which I've easily been able to do. And like I said, the RP that I've been able to get has been excellent.

    Also, despite some of the fear mongering, it's been ridiculously easy to avoid VASpider's player. I've only had a single run in with her, and while she did try to pull the whole, 'I'm the coolest cat around' routine and I did have to get firm with her to get her to actually tell me what she was rolling for, she didn't end up dominating the scene, and I was actually able to ignore her chars presence in the scene fairly well. At this point, I would say to not let her presence drive you away from the game. The more people active and RPing, the easier it is for us all to ignore her.

  • @arkandel said in Pitch me your WoD:

    @ganymede said in Pitch me your WoD:

    I may also be playing a Geist in the near future.

    I doubt that, but you might play a Sin-Eater.


    Maybe they do the old Wraith 1E setup where one player is the Sin-Eater and another player is their Geist. >.> <.<

  • @lisse24 Who's your vamp? PM me or something.

  • @shelbeast said in Pitch me your WoD:

    @lisse24 Who's your vamp? PM me or something.

    @Lisse24: Yeah, same, dork.

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    @misadventure The only thing that sucks with that idea is Geist player would only ever RP never really get a choice on what will be done, but could be the IC Angel/devil on their shoulder giving them options lol

    @Insomnia I play at Fallcoast on Mage and just started a Sin-eater I plan to ST with. I also play on Fear and Loathing www.fandlmux.com
    They have Vamp, m/m+, changeling, werewolf, immortals and changing breeds, 1E but has a few 2E rules in to combat

  • Prospect: From the Ashes is up. Multi sphere, mostly Vampire, Gaian, and Mage.

    I mention Gaian because well... it's not like there's a lot of werewolves, but tehre's a LOT of mortal + characters, and they tend to either side up with a shifter or a changeling.

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    Arise! DW coming back wet my appetite to RP again, but it's been a few months, and that's forever in internet time. Looking for a place to play. Not too picky on 1.0 or 2.0, or even V20 or whatever at this point, just looking for something I know.

  • I'm Fabian on Fallcoast, and I'm the best Vampire because I RP at a decidedly Vampiric pace.

    ETA: If a decent v20 edition of Wolf or Mage... or Demon (please) shows up, I want to know about it.

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