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    Maybe this isn't MUSH code but for the love of fucking god would someone tell me what tag, reference, name, whateverwhatever on whatever fucking page of the fucking wiki I need to go to change the goddamn color of the motherfucking pagetabs on a fucking wiki site? Jesus H, it should not be this hard. I just need to type: background color: transparent, but I don't know what the everloving howmanymoretimesdoIhavetosayfucking place is to PUT it, or what to label this as?

    As in - where it says Page, Discussion, Read/Edit/View History - if I want to make this NOT a white background, what designation is this? It's not body, or background, or...

    This is why I missed WORA. Having a place to ask questions like this.


    (I've been editing the MediaWiki:Common.css that should apply to all skins with some very basic changes, I just don't seem to know where to go to change the background color of those damn basic tabs. Header isn't the answer either. @#$()*&#$)

  • @Darinelle The css settings for those tabs are in vectorTabs. So look at the css for the div, ul, li, a, etc settings for the vectorTabs css (background-image is your main problem with the color) and then override them in your custom css. CSS that comes later will take precedence over css loaded earlier.

  • Pitcrew

    @Glitch clearly you are my hero. Thank you. <3

  • Not directly relevant, but: I'd add in my Mechanipus skeleton configs used for basically all mechanipus-hosted games, but... it's a mess. Loki had some very nice ideas about the Right Way to host massive farms of mediawikis, but I never got around to implementing that.

    Still if there is interest about recommended best practice for database configs, mysql grant lines, how to add a logs namespace, etc... we're still alive and can potentially yammer on in a vaguely constructive fashion.

  • Pitcrew

    @Chime - there is definitely interest. There is so much interest. There is ALL the interest, I am a veritable font of interest. My problem right now is that I know very little about MediaWiki and CSS in general, so while my googlefu is strong and I'm perfectly happy to read documentation and slog my way through tutorials, I don't know what questions to ask because I don't know what things are called half the damn time. I'm learning a lot at least, but all the things I've learned still haven't enabled this one change to be made.

    In any case, I would be more than happy to talk best practices and all sorts of things - here, in Skype, hell - pretty much wherever and whenever is convenient for you. My schedule's pretty flexible.

  • I'm driving to LA and back today (probably about 7 hours total with traffic) and ostensibly seeing relatives, so I suspect that today is out. But soon....

  • Pitcrew

    No rush, Chime. I know you're busy! And this isn't... THE MOST CRITICAL THING EVER, it's just making me crazy. Crazier. Something. Drive safely!

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