Game suggestions/info

  • So, I can't sleep; arm is hurting bad (did a FOOSH so I wouldn't squish my little 4 year old niece at Christmas earler). While I wait on the painkillers to kick in and allow me to sleep, I figured I'd ask.

    I have a desire to play on a game.
    I have a friend who as suggested Fallcoast to me.
    I'd love to have peoples' opinions and experience with their Vampire sphere, specifically how well it functions as... well, a Vampire sphere. I guess my expectation for an NWoD Vampire sphere is the capability to be somewhat focused, nicely political, somewhat investigative, and not have to spend time superfriending around.

    That, and people's suggestions of games.

    People can look at my playlist to see my previous gaming history, but I really like...

    • OWoD Vampire. I love playing political vampire.
    • NWoD Vampire and Changeling, to a lesser extent Werewolf. I love playing political Vampire and Changeling.
    • Transformers
    • Focused Superheroes (Marvel-only, X-Men only, DC only, Justice League, for example)

    Any suggestions or reviews would be awesome.

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