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    I just wanted to go over some stuff real quick. Please don't draw any conclusions about the timing, as it's got nothing to do with anything particularly recent.

    The "Flag this post for moderation" button isn't a downvote alternative. Clicking it should mean that our very (veeeerry) relaxed moderation rules are being explicitly violated, and you want to bring the fact to our attention.

    It's not there to signal that you don't like someone, or that you disapprove something that someone said; that's what the reply button is for.

    This is more important if it's in the Hog Pit that you think something is inappropriate based on people being mean, unless they are also being blatantly racist, sexist etc at the same time; folks, it gets rude in there. If you can't handle that, please stay out. That forum category is opt-in only for a reason.

    Finally, sometimes posts do go pretty... well, wrong, and it's easy to see why as soon as we look at them. However other times it's not as easy, not at a glance, and we don't always have the time to wade through those last eight pages of pissy back-and-forth to decide what the actionable problem is! So please send all three Moderators (myself, @Auspice and @Ganymede) a message at that time telling us in a concise way.


    -The Management.

  • @arkandel

    Can you see the notes on it yet, or are you still left guessing why something was flagged even though there’s a fantastic and large comment box. You know, in case there’s a joke in there. Or clarification. Or pictures of bunnies.

    Or in other words, you get that comment area in the Report Post fixed yet?

  • Flagged posts can be managed through the link in the drop-down menu of the admin's avatar under "Moderation Tools" as "Flagged Content".

  • @glitch said in "Flag this post for moderation":

    Flagged posts can be managed through the link in the drop-down menu of the admin's avatar under "Moderation Tools" as "Flagged Content".

    Thank you. I asked Theno where the comments were and he couldn't remember, just that they existed. ;)

    That said:
    Messaging us (all three of us, please! You never know who might be around) can be helpful in extreme cases, such as doxing, spam, etc..

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    For the Hog Pit specifically, please remember that the rules only forbid specific content from being posted - this means racism, misogyny, etc. It doesn't mean "you're an asshole and I hate you". Although personally I don't care for vicious personal attacks but if that's what y'all want to do with your spare time it's no business of mine moderation-wise.

    My suggestion if you are offended by this sort of thing is to ask yourselves - what would Clark Kent do?


    On top of it you can simply unsubscribe from the Hog Pit. It's always a good option if it gets under your skin.

  • @arkandel

    You are asking us to potentially ignore someone and miss out on posts like that. Let me ask you: How can you ask us to choose between our fragile egos and Superman in a sombrero?!

    I think the answer is simple: You’ve just convinced us to not ignore anyone, ever.

  • Admin

    @thenomain I find it disturbing you ignored the 'stache.

  • @arkandel Justice League (the movie) taught us that Superman's Stache's are edited out of reality.

  • Pitcrew

    @Thenomain recognizes the power in the 'stache and nothing is more powerful than a Kryptonian mustache.

    Okay, maybe a Kryptonian Fire Fighter mustache. But we dare not speak of that aloud.

  • Also, worth noting, in case nobody else noticed: there's now also an 'ignore this thread' option; I have no idea how long it's been there, but it's damnably useful. Not just 'don't watch', but you can prevent a thread from showing in the unread threads list as well if it has new posts.

    In short: if you know a thread is just going to piss you off or is completely not relevant to anything even resembling your interests, you can render its entire existence irrelevant.

    This is very awesome and I hope it stays through any future iterations of the board.

    (I love y'all's kitty pics and whatnot, but can now tune out sports and video games without dropping a whole forum section, which is pretty yay.)

  • @surreality Yes I love that button and use it for all the sport threads I could care less about. I love that option. So so much.

  • Pitcrew

    @lithium said in "Flag this post for moderation":

    @arkandel Justice League (the movie) taught us that Superman's Stache's are edited out of reality.

    Ugh, I just saw that last night, and this is my favorite line of the day. I hadn't heard anything about the stache bit before seeing the movie, but while watching it I physically twitched repeatedly.

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