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    So I've been working on +glance for Fallcoast. It pulls all of the connected people (that you can see, e.g. no dark staffers) in the room with you. It pulls up the following items:

    • Name, Gender, Shortdesc (automatic).
    • Hair, skin, and eye color, height and weight, apparent age (you have to set these).
    • Notable "mundane" merits (automatic, staff have to configure what merits you want pulled).
    • Glance-Notes (notes you want to put on).

    What I have planned?

    • Add attributes for changelings (fae-eyecolor, fae-haircolor, etc).
    • Autopull "mien" merits that only changelings can see.
    • Autopull other supernatural merits, specific to spheres.

    Should I note these?

    • Attributes at 5+?
    • Skills at 5+?
    • Gnosis/Primal Urge/Wyrd/Etc 6+?

    I'm not giving the code just yet, because if you're not using Fallcoast's arcane SADNESS for a chargen code it won't pull the merits, and I'll need to recode it to pull merits based off of Thenomain's code. (So, so, so much easier to code, mind you, I'm just not doing it just yet).

  • Tutorialist

    It ends up looking like this in game:

    ==========================> OOC Polis at a glance. <===========================
    Cobaltasaurus ():
    Height: 12.3 meters       Weight: 9 tons            Eyecolor: cobalt         
    Haircolor: cobalt         Skin: Purple              AppAge: Eternal          
    Notable Merits: Striking Voice, Striking Looks, Predator's Gaze, Predator's Bearing, and Feral Mien.
    General Notes: Hello! I am testing this staff thing.
    Edwin (m):          Tall, scarred and haughty (SL:2,SV:1)
    Height: 6'4"              Weight: 210-lbs           Eyecolor: Blue           
    Haircolor: Blonde         Skin: Alabaster           AppAge: Late Twenties    
    Notable Merits: Striking Voice and Striking Looks.
    Andre (m):          An average height guy with long brown hair
    Height: around six feet   Weight: muscular          Eyecolor: brown          
    Haircolor: brown          Skin: tan                 AppAge: early 20s        
    Lazarus (m):        Pale and distinctly inhuman
    Height:                   Weight:                   Eyecolor:                
    Haircolor:                Skin:                     AppAge:                  
    There's something unsettling about them...
    Delfina (F):        5'9" Italian woman. Slender, sassy, silly.
    Height:                   Weight:                   Eyecolor:                
    Haircolor:                Skin:                     AppAge:                  
    Emily (f):          Self-conscious young blonde bombshell (SL2,SV2)
    Height:                   Weight:                   Eyecolor:                
    Haircolor:                Skin:                     AppAge:                  
    Notable Merits: Striking Voice, Striking Looks, and Seductive Grace.
    Wyck (M):           A young man with white hair.
    Height:                   Weight:                   Eyecolor:                
    Haircolor:                Skin:                     AppAge:                  
    Butters (M):        A tall cup of go away in a coat.
    Height: Tall              Weight: Skinny            Eyecolor: Bright Green   
    Haircolor: Black          Skin: Beige?              AppAge: Late 20s         
    General Notes: Unseen Senses (Mages, Spirits)
    ===========================================================> 8 connected. <====

    alt text

  • @cobaltasaurus

    If you are noting merits that affect social stats, then persisting powers that do so should also be noted, yeah. I don’t know if “Wyrd 6” should be spelled out, but maybe “unearthly”. In the case of Changeling, high Mantle should be spelled out with the exception of Winter, which should be reversed. Etc.

  • @cobaltasaurus I see you took that one out of the code bucket. You should definitely list merits that have RP connotations as people like to list those anyways.

  • Tutorialist

    @alzie I do!

  • Might want to rename the command to +LongLingeringStare. That's a lot of information, once you start factoring in Merits and Powers, too. <jk!>

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