Happy Holidays

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  • Pitcrew

    Fuck that. I want to fuck my demons and all I want right now is some sangria.

    And fish tacos.

  • And this pretty much is what I think of the holidays...

  • Creator

    On the 21st I will have my annual drunken Solstice caroling. I play Cthulhu themed games, get incredibly drunk, and sing Christmas tunes with Lovecraft inspired lyrics.

    If for some reason you like drunk streams, this will be the one to watch. Last years bots tried to copyright claim my singing voice as "Korean Children's songs."

  • Tutorialist

    @insomnia said in Happy Holidays:

    Last years bots tried to copyright claim my singing voice as "Korean Children's songs."

    Quoting this one for pure wow factor!

  • I have to listen to holiday music, aka, Christmas Songs all night at work, and I've heard about thirty seven different artists do Rudolph the red nosed reindeer now...

    I got to thinking, that song, the lessons it gives you... man.

    1. If you're a mutant/abnormal/strange, expect to be belittled and mocked and nobody wants to play with you.
    2. You will be sad your whole life until...
    3. A figure of 'authority' or 'power' decides that holy shit, this thing happened and now your abnormality/mutation is absolutely needed to not fuck up /my/ day.
    4. Once you are useful, you are liked and wanted.
    5. Your value is entirely subjective based on others' opinions of you, let's hope your abnormality can be profited off of.
    6. Santa was a dick, for not taking a stand and going to Rudolph's defense long before that foggy Christmas eve...

  • @Lithium
    Well, given the era that this song was written (late 1930s), it sort of made sense. This was way back in the time in America where social welfare had just been passed. Before this, if you didn't work, you were out on your ass, a beggar, and there was zero support network for you.

    It illustrates just how much culture can change, values can change, in just three generations.


  • Pitcrew

    I console myself through the endless rotation of Christmas songs by reminding myself that if it was written in the 20th century, it was probably written by a Jew.

  • My kids are half-Chinese, half-German-Mutt.

    They get part of this:

    And they get part of this:

    Merry Jailed-Pandas-and-Krampus-Demons-mas!

  • Creator

    @derp The funny part was the music was Carol of the Bells, but the words were Carol of the Old Ones and my voice is high enough to sing the part, so I guess vaguely Korean?

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  • Have to share this, and happy holidays...

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