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    my Lilymonster

  • A pic of the character modeled off of my cat that died a few years ago as he appears in the upcoming Monarchies of Mau RPG .


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    @kanye-qwest You can always count on Braum!

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    This post is deleted!

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    This is my ancient buddy Bear. This taken after a long day and I was in need of couch... where he is on the couch now is where I need to go. He was NOT there until I said I was going to lie on the couch... lil bastard even goes and annexes the ottoman at the same time.


  • I was proscribed kittens by my doctor.

    Well not literally, but it was suggested that fuzzy friends might be a good way to help amelorate my chronic depression.

    Meet kitten and other kitten, I have had them two weeks and they are now three months old, but I have failed to name the adorable little idiot fluffballs yet:


  • @packrat D'awwwwww. So much personality in that pic, too.

    "I am a noble, wise, and dignified creature."
    "Heeeeyyyyyy, what's dignified meeeeeeannnnnnnnnnnnnn? (Love me!) Hiiiiiiii... "

    Completely adorable.

  • @surreality To be fair that image does have the tuxedo kitten looking far more derpy than she normally does, here she is two weeks ago, on day one, looking all dignified and protective!

    Guardian kitty

  • @packrat Double d'awww! I have always had pairs, and almost always there's 'the dignified one and the derpy one', and somehow, that's just so completely awesome. Our giant flurfmonster is our derpcat to end all derpcats, but we love our derpcat a lot. (We now sorta have 'the whiny one and the derpy one'. Our dignified one was Ancient Cat.)

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    alt text

  • My kittens begged and I gave them each a sliver of cheese.

    They puked all over my carpet. Do not let kittens eat cheese however cute they are.

  • @packrat It could be worse. Never let a cat near broccoli.

    Ancient Cat, when she was a kitten, once leapt up on the table, snarled at us like a mighty lion, while we were all eating Chinese food.

    We expected her to snag a piece of beef and run off, which... we just couldn't be mad. Tiny ball of puff, grar!

    At which point, she snags a piece of broccoli, narrows her eyes at us, daring us to try to take it away, growls again, and hops down to eat it.

    Repeat this two more times as we're dying with laughter.

    Oh, we were so wrong to laugh. So very wrong.

    Little did we know our darling puff was preparing a chemical weapon the Geneva convention surely outlaws by now. My gods, nothing is more horrifying than kitten broccoli gas, no matter how goddamned adorable seeing a teensyflouf steal broccoli is. (And it is pretty goddamned adorable, I have to say.)

    My roommates and I had to flee the house for air more than once over the next three days, so help me gods.

  • This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

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    So I keep breaking it when I try to add a picture. if you want to see cute dog pics.

  • She stole my cuff links then decided to crawl into an empty cereal box:

    Box Kitten

  • My 100-Percent favorite thing to know about the pets of humans:

    The Dog: "Hey animal that is hanging around us while we're hunting, you are also very good at hunting, you like packs, we like packs, you are now part of our pack. As we grow together we will make you one of us, and like us we will make you the tool we need at the time, across the ages, as one with us, forever." / "Okay!"

    The Cat: "Hey animal that is hanging around us while we're chasing rats off barges, you are very good at hunting rats, you like hunting rats, we like it when you hunt rats, how would you like to also be fed by us when you're not also eating rats and in exchange we won't treat you like vermin because you don't eat our grain. As we grow we promise not to make you do anything else, forever." / "Okay!"

    (I tried to narrow down the parrot, et al., but the conversation in my head was more that of someone tricked into paying a roommate's rent for free. Birds are crafty buggers.)

  • To be fair my kittens are filling a very important role in return for my feeding them, homing them and giving them medical care.

    They are fluffy and super adorable. Like, when I wake up in the morning I typically have the black and white kitten curled up next to me, she wakes up and trills then nuzzles me as I pet her. Then as I sit up and try to get my contact lenses in the fluffy black kitten bounces in, trills and jumps up to purr aggressively for cuddle time.

    On the other hand I just found out that their dad weighs 8kg (17.5 lbs?). These are not going to grow to be small cats!

  • Not all my critters are furry with 4 legs. Some are furry with 8. This is Gmork. Currently my largest tarantula. I have another named Barda, however, who will grow up to be almost a foot across.


  • @zombiegenesis I won't insult your choice of pet but spiders really give me the heebies. I wish you had used a spoiler tag of some sort. Good on you for the unconventional pet choice though.

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