Mechanipus outage & Closing plans

  • As sent to Mechanipus-hosted game admins:

    Two major things:

    First, the primary server most of you are on (Kuramori) needs to undergo
    a migration operation ASAP. I'm scheduling this for around mid-day
    (US-time) tomorrow (Thursday, 6 December 2017). Services (mush,
    database, webhosting, shell access, etc) will be completely offline
    during the duration of this move, which may take several hours.

    No data is lost or in any immediate danger, but physical hardware
    problems necessitate this move to ensure we have reliable backups.
    (Blessed are the pessimists, for we take backups, etc.)

    Kuramori should return to operating status afterward all by itself, but
    I anticipate that mushes linking against truly antique libraries may not
    restart without a recompile. Please understand: this is 2017 and
    Kuramori is a 64bit Debian environment; some of you are still running
    binaries compiled on ISU. It's easier to recompile and relink than
    continue to maintain binary compatibility, so that's what we'll be
    doing. Sorry-not-sorry.

    I'll be around to recompile or assist with other restart operations as
    needed; my Discord id for those of you using that sort of setup is
    Chime#3134. Contacting me there is fine, but keep in mind that I do
    have a job and extensive help requires extensive time. Hangouts, email,
    etc. is fine too.

    Second, it's become apparent that Mechanipus is much less an essential
    component of the MUSHing community than it was; there are a multitude of
    low-cost hosting services and VM providers that are a much better fit
    for most users.

    As a result, Mechanipus will be closing.

    Mushes will be permanently halted and web services suspended on 15
    January 2018. Two weeks later, at the end of January, I will be doing
    the final removal of accounts, data, and likely decommissioning Kuramori

    I strongly suggest moving to a new provider as soon as you are able.
    You may need to find codestaff to help you; I do not have the time or
    energy for such an undertaking, but I'm happy to advise other hosting
    providers that are stepping up to the plate.

    Please do not:

    • Ask me to fix your wiki.
    • Ask me to export your mush, sql, wiki data, images, etc.
    • Ask me to Continue hosting "just this one thing."
    • Panic. Really; you have weeks to get yourself sorted out, just start now.

    Thank you for your time and effort over these years to keep our hobby
    alive. I've delayed this announcement until another unrelated problem
    (see above) has required an outage. After the outage, I will get things
    back online, but please do remember that the End is approaching.

  • Pitcrew

    Thank you for everything you've done for the mushing community and hosting soooooo many games. Your time, effort, expenses, and everything else you've put into it all has been appreciated. I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • This has me a bit sad, even if I never did more than play on some of the games you hosted. Feels like the end of an era, in a way. Thank you for everything you've done for the hobby. :)

  • Thank you for all your work.

  • Pitcrew

    Thank you for all your support over the years for Darkspires :) We'd never have opened if not for you!

  • Pitcrew


  • Pitcrew

    Thank you so, so, so much Chime. You've been a vital part of the MU* community and you've supported my projects and indeed my family in a way that's more meaningful than I think you realize. While I am sad that mechanipus is closing - it feels like the end of a huge era and mechanipus has felt like "home" to me for literally years - I am glad you are finally getting rid of the stress on yourself.

    Just to stress how cheap hosting for yourself is, by the way: even before this announcement, I registered for around a buck and a half a year. I believe the server we're renting is about $100 a year (that's about $8 and change a month) and that's because I wanted a big fancy one I could also host modded minecraft on, you can get options much cheaper. Running a MUSH server of your very own is much, much, much cheaper than a WoW subscription and if you've got friends running games you can split costs very easily. There will probably be my Starfinder project and a Pern project on Orc Pie - and I won't have to harass Chime when the wiki goes down, which always bothered me to do. (Chime - if you ever want to host a game and don't want to bother setting up a server for yourself, you'll always have space and you can harass us when the wiki goes down.)

  • As others have said, thank you for your time in service!

    I would like to share for folks that may need it during the transition:

    My friend hosts MU*s. Former player. It's $5/mo, first two weeks free for setup time. He'll gladly assist in the process (he knows some codebases better than others, but he's a dev guy so he can quickly learn).

  • Thank you for doing what you did for so long. :)

  • Your hosting was awesome at a critical time for us at Tenebrous Isles, Chime :) thank you so much. I've played on many of the games you hosted and you were always reliable and amazing for the people that depended on you.

    I hope you have lots of restful days after the closure without worry of someone pinging you about an outage or issue! You've definitely earned it!


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