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  • I just ordered Knightfall, and I read the first issue, featuring Bane's creation and first hunt for Batman. I had an epiphany when I read it, and I think I saw the entire problem I've had the entire time I've MUSHed.

    Who here would be interested in getting together and making some sort of police commando concept, with the police commandos being realistic for a macho, corrupt department, facing off with an invading crime syndicate?

    I'm completely open to theme, structure, code, anything. Just let me know if you have any ideas or interest. I'm thinking something 1990's DC Comics in general attitude.

  • @chet I am ride or die with you. Let's do it.

  • So you mean a police unit that is dominated by corruption, personal vices, but still does its job at least some of the times, like The Shield, etc?

  • This was kind of what I had in mind for Flashpoint Gotham (I apped Harvey Bullock). I figure there's a lot to work with/build on from Gotham Central also.

  • FP:G might be a good place to try this.

    I mean, I play Victor Fries there, so I'm biased, but everyone's got their own take on the classic characters, and it's, like, whoa.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I've thought it over, and I've decided on a corporate-hired police hit squad dueling off against drug runner revolutionaries. A corporate security force, facing down corridos (the Spanish term for drug runner cowboys) with Marxist leanings. The corporate security force will be macho and corrupt, with plenty of weaponry and luxuries, and the drug runners will be clever and treacherous, with support among the criminal and activist community. A sci-fi element will be necessary, to distance it from real life issues.

    What's the opinion?

  • 2075 Connect if you're interested, the purposes are just exploratory at the moment.

  • Because I am a mechanics fan, I'd look for something where something about the stressors of the police life and the corrupt life have something to them. Often the stressors of both are moderated by drugs, good times, and so on, which often just delays the final pay day.

    I'd want something that gave power to the things people pursue, and power to the changes that corruption brings.

  • @misadventure said in Personal Epiphany:

    Because I am a mechanics fan, I'd look for something where something about the stressors of the police life and the corrupt life have something to them.

    I kind of love this, even though I was reading the how much code is too much code thread thinking this idea might suck, I think it would be cool to have a stress meter for the cops, where because of their macho nature, they have to break the law to reset a counter, and hope they don't get caught! Like, it ticks up one point per day until they have a coke binge, which pauses it, but when the binge is over, it ticks up two a day until they do something really over the top like, plant drugs on a school kid and burn his house down during the arrest.

    The revolutionaries could have something like this, too, like a Commie meter. In order to bring it down, they have to work in the community soup kitchen or something to wash their hands of making money by dealing drugs.

    If the meters get too high, they start taking penalties to their rolls.

  • Code, coded game mechanics, and game mechanics are all separate things.

    There is a room description and you can find who is in it with code.

    Players who are using a specific game system can implement the game mechanics "by hand" just fine.

    Coded game mechanics mean it will track your resources, handle your action order, or resolve random elements for you. A complex usually only on a MU* system might handle a lot of data, such as everyones political actions for a week, and the changes those actions cause.

    Choose the right level of thing to enhance your experience.

  • We could make the meter get measured by attack, skill, or economy rolls. The more rolls you made, the higher your chances of increasing the meter, and the more 'stress burn' scenes you had, the more XP you'd accumulate for stat level. You could make a parallel system where the higher your statistic was in an area you were rolling, the lower the chance at building stress, to make the 'rampant' scenes with older characters happen less often.

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    @chet said in Personal Epiphany:

    ETA: Disregard, it works now.

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