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  • Yes, yes, another recommendation thread. But y'all are good for it and I really do like getting actual use input rather than digging through articles or page-after-page on Amazon, y'know?

    So here's the deal: I'm looking for commute headphones. I have an amazing pair I use at home. I'm good there.

    I've been using a pair of Kinovio headphones, but they're dying on me. I take 'em off the charger in the morning and then have to recharge them during my workday. Used to be I could, for example, spend all day (~9 hours) on multiple flights, forget to charge them during the trip, then do it again on the flight back, and still use them off and on for a few days. They had a great charge time.

    I want headphones I can at least make it through my entire workday with. Preferably a few workdays. This 'need to charge a couple hours in' is kinda bullshit (but I acknowledge it's probably due to the headphones being cheap/old).

    So this will probably be a Christmas gift to myself purchase next month / down the road, thus research beginning now. Those who run/jog/workout, I'm looking at you. What do you use? What stays put? What's comfortable? I quite like behind-the-head setups (and that's what I have now) because they tend to be more comfortable for me, personally, but I'm open to hearing about others.

  • I use these:

    August EP650

    I've had two pairs, the first lasted me a good two years, until I broke one ear piece. Entirely my fault, not the headset's!

    I liked them so much (good charge, decent volume, good bass) that I bought a second pair. Value for money is good.

    I was wondering if they sold them in the states (bought in the UK here!) and apparently they do, so yay!

    I get a good 8-12 hours out of them generally and they hold a stable connection to my phone.

    Price point is pretty unbeatable for what they deliver. I prefer over-the-ear rather than in-ear and they're over-the-head, not behind-the-head, sadly. They're not quite noise cancelling but they do mute the horrid outside world enough. Failing that, turn 'em up.

  • @wyrdathru

    I prefer over-the-ear too, but my worry with over-the-head is having them slip/fall off while I'm walking.

    I've been using these:

    ... which apparently I've had less than a year (per the 'you bought this on...' date Amazon just showed me). I thought it'd been longer. So maybe they're not as good a deal as I thought based on how the battery is dying within 3 hours on a charge now.

    Someone on Twitter suggested these:
    Said for being in-ear, they're v. comfortable and they've never had them fall out.

  • Admin

    I'm using two headsets.

    One is an Mpow Cheetah; cheap as hell (something like $30? from, probably way cheaper for the USAians), the battery is decent for what it is... good for sports, light, feels secure behind the ears. I like I can easily put it away in my coat pocket and forget about it until I need it, too, the damn thing is so compact.

    My other set was a Christmas present but Bose Soundlink II was a pretty decent low/midrange headset. Way more comfortable, the battery is amazing and it sounds way better. But it's not as secure for sportsy stuff - anything other than a brisk walk wouldn't be too great.

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