WoD Game Suggestion

  • Okay! I am rare on my likes of Wod. I would like a new place to play.

    1. My favorite spheres things is Possessed and Sin-Eater, I like immortals too. I am not a big fan of the major spheres beyond Sin-Eater
    2. In the latest WoD books I find I like Wolf-Blood (I, thus far, dislike them in any other version)
    3. I would love to come in as someone's support person. I like to feel like I am useful and not just randomly in a world with nothing to do. I don't mind the character being idle and seeming useless to anyone but the person they are loyal too.

    So, are there any suggestions of a mu* to play? Unless with a compelled (enough people I like on it) reason, I probably will not return to Fallcoast.

  • @icanbeyourmuse I am in the same boat. I think the closest place to what you're looking for is Fear & Loathing as they have Immortals. But I'm in a rare patch of not playing anywhere. :/

  • @daeladras I heard about there but I seem to be hearing more bad than good about them. If you want to be on a mu* not WoD.. I have a bit with a family that needs filling out and we're involved in many a plot things.

  • @icanbeyourmuse Where is that?

  • @daeladras Arx. Tis a fantasy game.

  • Fallcoast has pretty good Sin Eater sphere that is always active and has lots of plot and interaction. It also has Immortals and most other templates but if you are looking for Sin Eater it is the best place to go. The sphere is also pretty helpful. Oh yeah, also has Possessed with quite a few players :)

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