POLL: Vampire Requiem 2E Settings/Theme

  • Bored at work and pondering Vampire Requiem 2E stuff and thought I'd make a poll based off comment in another thread. Specifically looking to see what type of setting people might like to play in. As always, this is just for fun though who knows what the future holds.

    The game would be straight Vampire the Requiem 2E with no/minimal house rules. For the time being let us assume it is single sphere (well Vampire, Ghouls, and Mortals).

    1. 1980's Los Angeles
    2. El Paso–Juárez (twin cities on the US/Mexico border)
    3. London. Would London be "not-American" enough while also being close enough for people who might be afraid of screwing the pooch when it comes to RPing another culture?

    I could have sworn there use to be an actual poll option but I can't find it now. Anyway, those were the options I found most intriguing. I love the 80's, I think the Mexican twin-cities idea could have fantastic RP potential, and RPing in not-America really does have some great appeal.

    I know it was said in jest in the other thread but what about other time periods? I won't include it in the poll above but would Vampires of the Caribbean be viable for some?

  • Pitcrew

    I'm gonna go with London. It's culturally close and easy to research. I wouldn't fear screwing it up and I'd app there in a heartbeat.

    El Paso-Juarez sounds fun too. I'd give it a try for sure.

    1980s LA is just...I'm an East Coaster born in the 80s. May as well set it on Mars 2218 as far as I can relate to it. (Unless you give me a list of films, shows, or books that I can absorb)

    Vampires of the Caribbean conjures up some cool imagery but I don't think it's viable. Night pirates. Meh.

  • I am tempted to scream, "NOOOOOO!" to 1980s Los Angeles because I would really be tempted to play there. OK, who am I kidding, I definitely would.

    Could also be convinced to vampirate, but that might be getting into some of the old 1e/hr bloodline territory.

    Edit: For why I talk about 1980s Los Angeles so much, check out the series 'Wicked City'. It's not supernatural -- it's actually about a serial killer in the 80s on the Sunset Strip. But damn, does it nail a great gritty WoD vibe.

  • I am going to have to check out that Wicked City series. I love dark and gritty novels. Thanks!

  • @zombiegenesis It's a one short TV show season series -- so a pretty quick watch. You could easily get through it over a weekend.

  • Pitcrew

    I wouldn't set it in El Paso--Juarez mostly because I don't trust MUers to not be complete shitlords and use "it's El Paso--Juarez" to justify excessive rape/brutality plots. They already do it with "it's the world of darknesssssssss" as it is.

  • Oh, nice! Thanks for the heads up. :)

  • Pitcrew

    Los Angeles.

    Skid row. Aids epidemic. Me generation. Crazy fashion. Mohawks. Hair metal. Sunset Boulevard. Celebrities and low lives.

  • El Paso and Juarez for days.

  • 80's VAMPIRE YES

    alt text

  • Pitcrew

    @zombiegenesis How much XP to start?

    EDIT: Actual question, because I'd be down for playing in 80s Los Angeles with 30-40 XP starting.

    GTA: San Andreas flashbacks along those things listed above.

  • I honestly think most games give WAY too much XP to beginning characters. I think none to start but incentives in c-gen to get up to 10 would be reasonable.

  • @zombiegenesis I would almost suggest 'start highish, drop automatic daily completely, allow for gain through beats' but I am likely way in the minority on that.

  • Pitcrew

    @surreality I actually agree with this. High enough you can shape your character a certain way, and then a slow progression.

  • What kind of starting XP and progression would you suggest?

  • It tends to be the daily, in 2E, that really gets things going screwy -- and fast -- unless it is so, so much smaller than it's been most places. (At which point it's just easier to drop it completely.)

    Then if you have people getting up to monster levels, it's because they're active as hell themselves and/or running things for others, and they're earning it by doing more than just being a butt in a seat, which is the kind of atmosphere it's never a bad idea to encourage. :D

  • Pitcrew

    @zombiegenesis said in POLL: Vampire Requiem 2E Settings/Theme:

    What kind of starting XP and progression would you suggest?

    I like 40-50 XP starting, and yeah, cutting down the dailies and going with cycles measured in logs and PrPs, up to a weekly limit. (Say, 4, tops?)

  • I'd go with about 25 starting, +10 possible incentives, then just run with uncapped activity.

    Or a fairly high cap for activity, since it sucks to earn something and get NOPE'd, especially if the earning is because you're STing for others.

    This is where it often hits caps fast; it had a chilling effect on people running plots once they hit the cap that would pile in events at some times of the week, and sometimes players would get uberscrewed because a staffer was slow to process their Plot Rewards job, and it'd loop over to the next week's allotment, more or less double-denying them something they actually earned.

  • Admin

    @zombiegenesis said in POLL: Vampire Requiem 2E Settings/Theme:

    I honestly think most games give WAY too much XP to beginning characters. I think none to start but incentives in c-gen to get up to 10 would be reasonable.

    I prefer the opposite of what @surreality is suggesting; start low in CGen, but allow a cap that gets people excited about playing.

    There's nothing worse for me in regards to XP than feeling my character's +sheet is already pretty damn ready right off the bat. I want to feel eager to grab some dots, to go out there and earn stuff, participate in PrPs, buy gear, improve.

  • Yeah, I'm the same. I like to have ample room to grow. What about allowing players to choose an XP tier when they create their characters?

    Young and Hungry: Can start with 10 XP with incentives. Gets the most XP / week.
    Old and Experienced: Starts with 25XP + 10 XP potential with incentives. Gets fewer XP per week.

    Could maybe expand it to three tiers. Eventually the lower tiers would catch up to to the higher tiers with everyone eventually at the final tier with the slow trickle of XP.

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