Reflections of Amber (Amber MINI-MUSH)

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    We're still looking to recruit a few more players for the Amber OTT; we're just wrapping up the prologue/prelude now, and as of 2/1 I will be accepting Chaosian characters. If you're interested in online tabletop with scheduled scenes with plenty of opportunity for downtime play, feel free to come check us out.

    We're running a 1st generation game; Oberon and Dworkin are (apparently) dead, and relations with Chaos are going to be opening up here shortly. The Amberites have at this point resolved the primary issue they've been dealing with, but that doesn't mean there's not plenty that's yet to happen...

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    Edited the thread title because I have been soundly corrected by SOMEBODY, we are actually running far more like a mini-mush than we are an OTT, with the amount of roleplay and the like available. We are currently on a 2 week intermission; we will be out of intermission as of 01/23/2015, and I will be accepting Chaos characters at this time with the understanding that direct involvement with the other PCs may end up waiting until 02/01/2014.

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    As of 02/01/2015, the MINI-MUSH will be opening for Chaos characters. This means a couple of different things.

    Anyone who does not have a character is welcome to work with me (as of this coming Friday) on making a Chaosian with our current point total (75 initial, 50 advancement, plus up to 75 points in contributions + whatever of the above-max contributions you might have).

    Anyone who wants to retire an Amberite and pick up a Chaos character instead gets +10 advancement points, carries their contribution points over from their Amberite, and can work with me on making a new character.

    Those with Amberites may make a Chaosian alt (or a grandchild of Oberon). These characters' ranks cannot go up to Amber level, they are instead at Chaos level -- I'll be posting point-costs for various Chaosian-ranks, with the notation that Amber level is better than any of their stats. You may have up to 50 initial points, 25 advancement points, and zero contribution points. The only contribution points that can be used for second characters are those that you are NOT using on your primary.

    That said, going forward, advancement and contribution points will be tied to the player, rather than the character. Every advancement, you can choose to put those points into your primary PC or any alt you might have in whatever combination that you'd like.

    Reposted from on the site. We also have a few other OTT games going on, though several of them are full and it's a case-by-case basis and up to the ST/GM of the game if they're comfortable with more players.

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    So! We're down currently, wiki and game. No ETA right now on restoration, not entirely sure what's going on. I will update people as I find info out; this is one of two places folks will check that I know of.

    Hangout site for this and the other OTT games going on / somewhere to check in is on the Vic site at port 2860 if folks don't have that address.

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    Back up! Bestest host ever.

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    Reflections is going on hiatus for the time being, what with the health issues and the level of brain intensity required for running it. I'll be picking it up down the road right from where we are (or advanced just enough to get people on the same page), but big pause button.

    In its place, I will be running an online tabletop D&D game. I play a heavily narrative D&D, light on the crunch but not devoid of it. We'll be playing within the Forgotten Realms, somewhere between 2nd Ed and 3.5 with a good dose of my headcanon thrown in for good measure. Rules-wise, we'll be using Pathfinder, adjusted as needed for FR specifics. The Readme above mostly still applies, though I'm not quite as cruel to D&D characters as I am to Amber characters.

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