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  • Alright, so there's been an explosion of activity in the Hog Pit over Fallout El Dorado and its batshit crazy owner. There is also a mass exodus of players from said game. Some others will remain because, simply put, it's the only game in town.

    So lets make it not the only game in town.

    Someone mentioned that the owner of the code is open to letting other people use it. Fallout is a series with a lot of opportunity for a lot of cool RP. It's also literally my favorite IP out there. I have Fallout tattoos. I'm just sayin'.

    So here's my pitch. I don't have the time or desire to staff. I also don't really have the experience for it. BUT I am willing to pay to host it and whatever if someone else is willing to get the code up and running and people are willing to staff and run it. I'll happily just foot the bill. Honestly? I'll do this for an RE based game as well. Please note that this isn't about a grudge game or anything. It's about creating a haven where people can play in those worlds as they obviously want to, without having to deal with the stuff that comes with playing on an Elsa run game.

    So if anyone is up for it, contact me and let me know how we can set this up.

  • Though not staffing or playing anywhere myself at the moment, wishing you luck on this one. The first game I started on (Ghostwheel MOO) was Fallout-inspired, even though it wandered fairly far afield from that over time. If I wasn't completely slammed for at least the next month, I'd offer wiki help; if you don't have anybody around then for that, feel free to poke and I'll see what I can do to at least set up a simple look for things or what-have-you if you want.

  • There's actually an Evennia based project in the works based on the Fallout franchise. I'm not 100% certain how far along it is since I only just got involved with it a week ago and all I've really done is work on their D20/OGL chargen, but what I've seen so far looks rather nice.

    I'll leave it to the game owner to advertise the address and such.

    Edit: I've been told that it's not Fallout per se, it's based on the Exodus RPG, which started out as an official Fallout game but after legal disputes with Bethesda and Interplay, was ultimately released with a generic post-Apocalyptic setting instead. The game owner described it as "Fallout with the serial numbers filed off."

  • Pitcrew

    Did someone say Fallout? I am intrigued to see what comes of this.

  • Pitcrew

    As a fabeled and stupid Gorilla, I'll help run shit. I guess, and help with theme.. blah blah.

  • @d-bone Ahh, so you're Gorilla. Aside from the obvious (VG is a crazy piece of shit who hates everyone), what got you so deep on VG's bad side?

  • Also, a Fallout game not run by a psychotic hose beast (or a dude pretending to be one) would be a good thing. I definitely know some people would be interested if VG is nowhere near it.

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah, I know of a few folks that would be interested as well.

  • I am down for this, especially considering a train wreck of lunacy wouldn't be involved.

  • Pitcrew

    Becuase I consistently stood up to her and tried to encourage players to come to ME with questions and problems instead of asking them on public becuase they risked getting harassed. I asked questions that other staff members had but were too afraid to ask, etc. and then tried to get all the staff to support me in a coup attempt on her becuase I found her constant harrasment ruining the game.

  • @d-bone Was this on El dorado or elsewhere?

  • Pitcrew

    El Dorado. She for some reason begged me to come back to El Dorado two or so weeks ago. (Radlobster I suspect ran interference for me but now I'm not so sure.)

  • @d-bone Yeah, I can see why you tried to get them to come to you with some things but that is definitely going to land you on VG's shit list. But damn, the overall amount of open hostility VG exhibits toward just about everybody simply has no justification whatsoever.

    If anyone talked to me like that on a game, I'd be gone before they knew what happened.

  • Pitcrew

    The code on that game does look pretty slick.

    A good question is if you really have access to it since apparently the lunacy claims ownership of it.

  • @wildbaboons It was mentioned it's Volund's codebase, which anyone can use.

  • Pitcrew

    To be fair, I was already in VG's shit list, didn't really care. My goal was to protect the player base after all. From my reputation, I'm also a fucking psychopath too, to some extent, but at least I have some level of introspection.

    Point is, if anyone needs help running a fallout game, I can do shit. Uh.. yah.

  • Pitcrew

    I can offer minimal help. I have a handful of MU experience, and have been playing Fallout since the original came out. Man, Fallout 2 was my first sequel hype.

    ETA: I am the kinda guy who posts on r/falloutlore

  • Pitcrew

    Obviously, a Fallout experience is something that speaks to me a great deal, so, if I could be of help, I will put my name in the hat.

  • @wolfs
    Volund's Code won't have any of their subsystems. It'll have all of Volund's MU* basics, but stuff like their scrounging, combat, etc. would not go with it.

  • I think @Kireek mentioned that whoever did (at least some of, I gather) their extra code had it on offer? So it may be a good idea to inquire with him about that to see if it's still the case.

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