PernWorld MUSH: Monaco Bay Weyr Searches!

  • Open until 11/11/2017!
    Monaco Bay - where the sands are black, the water is blue, and there are certainly no pirates sailing those seas.
    Monaco Bay - where the jungles are green, the sky is blue, and the threat of wild felines mauling you is greatly exaggerated.
    Monaco Bay - where the beauty of tropical nature and modern technology are definitely not going to start any electrical fires.
    Monaco Bay - where two proddy golds and a dispute over the senior knot was not settled by a matter of minutes.

    …okay, admittedly, sometimes these things don’t quite work out the way they should, but hey. We have rum!

    Monaco Bay - where we have rum, and you could be a candidate... who isn’t allowed to drink.

    ...hmm. Well, we’ll figure out something!

    So come to Monaco Bay Weyr, where opportunities abound for tropical chaos and fun! Search is now open, we’ve got eggs coming to the sands and maybe even - if we’re lucky - YOU!

  • Our wiki page is at: and you can find PernWorld at 2211

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