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    All right. I'll open this can of worms here.

    People are welcome to contact me to bitch at me or whatever but let me make this disclaimer public: I've no clue what I was thinking last week. Don't ask me why I was a raging tool more than a year ago let alone like a decade. I am happy to say I've grown up just a little since then.

    And yes, I was character lazy for a long time..

    Metro I: Lynden (Kinfolk), Pheobe (Pooka Horse)..Feel like I'm missing someone.
    Tempest: Sharodyn (mort+), Lissette (Brujah Anti - Templar), Ported Lynden (kinfolk), Peanna (Ratkin kinfolk), Morgan, Mary/Beth (Malkavian), Zakhaaria, Ms. Magenta (mortstaff in the early years), Juliette (Mortal+).. I'm sure I'm missing someone...
    Twin Cities (for about 3 months before it closed): George(tte) - Childing/Wilder Redcap
    Shadows Isles: Mo (SL Kin), Aja (Glasswalker) - I wanna say another person but..
    Darkness Falling (Ahh gawd :cold_sweat: ): Mary Magdalene (Sorry!), Morgan (Ahahaha, things), Gidget (ratkin), Lorelie (mage), Lynden (..again). More I'm sure.. But I'd rather forget that place ever existed.
    Split Infinity (and the offshoot game?): Harley (WereTiger), Morgan (Death Druid), Uh.. Joy? a Vapid Centaur.. A defected High Elf, and an Asian Fairy/Elf thing. (D&D)
    Cajun: Gidget (Not for very long)
    Med Nights: Gidget (Not for long)
    Metro 2.0: Chaaya, Benedetta Giovanni, Tamora (Sorry!)
    Dark Metal & CoH: Urd, Cocheta, Zillah, Constance/Sroasha , Kitya(DM only), Niabi/Hehewuti, Gidget, Buck(CoH only), Ambrosine
    Haunted Memories: Samar, Rosaline, Heidi, Mihika, Calliope/Clio (temp char), Odette, Isi
    The Reach: LLewella, Auraliane, Delilah, Tirzah, Calliope (Not Temp)
    Denver: George (Wilder Redcap)
    FireFly Mu (breifly): Leonie
    Fallcoast: Calliope, Delilah, Clementine, Marjorie...Someone else.
    Fates Harvest: Calliope (I will finish her storyline one day), Lulu.

    I think there were a few places that I don't really remember or count (IRC ANYONE?)..

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    Man, I thought you were gonna be, like, VASpider or something, with an intro like that.


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    This post is deleted!