Shameless Self-Promotion: Extra Life 2017

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    I'm doing it again this year. It's my 7th year. My goal this year is to raise $601. I know money is tight for everyone this time of year, but they take donations right through to December 31st and if you donate $0.25 for every hour I'm going to stream, that's $6. That's an extra fancy coffee!

    Seriously though, I do appreciate every donation I get for this. People donating is why I've been able to do this for 7 years now.

    Oh, and Theno will be around for a bit as well. (And you'll be able to watch him here when he is live.


    And here's a direct link to my Extra Life page.

  • Thenomain will die in seven days, apparently.

  • What are you guys playing!?

    Or is Theno going to code MUs on stream?

  • @tempest said in Shameless Self-Promotion: Extra Life 2017:

    What are you guys playing!?

    7th year. 7 Days to Die. 7 streamers. Okay, 5 streamers.

    Or is Theno going to code MUs on stream?

    Do you want to hear how Theno swears? I bet Ganymede swears better, but I can swear. I know the swearing.


    edit: It's Saturday, not in 7 days. That was a play on title.

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    @thenomain said in Shameless Self-Promotion: Extra Life 2017:

    7th year. 7 Days to Die. 7 streamers. Okay, 5 streamers.

    6 streamers. There were going to be 7, but one streamer is in Australia and the lag was just too bad for him to pop in. Well, 7 players anyway.

  • Am I a complete monster to want to ask: who are you? I can't find an insomnia's playlist page. That might entirely be a 'its almost 7am and you are awake on a saturday' failure, admittedly.

    Absent that, I dunno. This charity sounds good. I like charities. I give a lot. But like...I've never heard of this, though googling seems to indicate its real, but maybe some like... personal story? Sell the story?

    I accept "ixokai is a monster" as an outcome for asking.

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    @ixokai I've been Insomnia on these boards since... WORA 1.0, and I never bothered to put up a playlist.

    Extra life has been going for 8 years now, this is my 7th. The proceeds go to Children's Miracle Network (or the hospital in the network of my choice).

    Being a kid ina hospital sucks. Also, my pages have my story on them\

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    Theno is streaming right now, btw. I'm eating really quickly while the 5 of them stream their POVs.

    He looks amazing in his skirt.

  • I watched for a little while but there was way too much cursing :)

  • @rnmissionrun said in Shameless Self-Promotion: Extra Life 2017:

    I watched for a little while but there was way too much cursing :)

    Most of it wasn't me.

    Still streamin'!

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    Oh you saw that part? :D

  • @insomnia said in Shameless Self-Promotion: Extra Life 2017:

    Oh you saw that part? :D

    Which part?

    Most of it was swearing.

  • @ixokai

    Extra Life is a legit charity that supports various children's hospitals. I have several friends from Twitch who do this and who wouldn't do this if they felt it was not on the up and up.

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    I got my goal, and passed it! Thank you Theno for coming and streaming with me, and anyone who came by and said hi, or even dropped a like; it helps generate more attention to it going on. My goal wasn't huge, but I'm just a tiny channel, and I can say I am proud to have raised $3000 over my time doing it. I very nearly ended up at the hospital I was playing for, so it has a weird special place in my heart doing something like this.

    If you missed the stream or want to donate still all the donation pages will be open until December 31st. Just because I reached my goal doesn't mean I'm just going to forget about it. Like I said, if everyone donated $0.25 for every hour I streamed, that's $6, and every little bit helps. If you were waiting to donate to see if I actually would do it or not:


    If for some reason you want to see the whole stream because you need background noise or something the video is here (although as of posting it's still processing and only shows the last two hours.)

    As of the email sent out this morning to thank all of the participants Extra Life over the years has raised $ 7.3 million. My first year doing it, it was pretty small, and I remember watching them do the ticker of all the donations coming in and we broke the counter. The first year they had raised $120, 000, so they weren't expecting to get $1 million, and the counter went a little bit nuts. Andit felt so good to be part of that.

    And I know he's never going to see this, but I am going to be saying thank you over and over to this man for a while, whether he sees it or not, but THANK YOU, BOB! Not only did he give me a huge donation, he got up at stupid o'clock his time to start at 5 am his time, he streamed and played with me the whole 24 hours too. (He may have also blown up the sleeping area. >.>)

  • I do sing a little.

    Just saying.

    Duet with Moiren?

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    @thenomain Van did offer to play guitar if I sang.

    We should start a band, call it Crimes.

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    @Thenomain I wasn't joking about the sleeping area, you may need to place your bedroll again. He got a couple of them. Where was yours?

    Also, holy shit THANK YOU, Theno. You streamed for 8 hours. Didn't you work before that too?

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    @insomnia Dear god, why is that shelter so PURPLE?!

    Also, Day 55? Damn. How nightmarish are the zombies at that point? I found at Day 10 they become related to The Flash.

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    @templari Well originally it was all black. Like, if you look in the basement? Bob painted everything black. I mentioned one night on a stream leading up to Extra Life it that all the black was kind of gloomy, and purple is my favorite colour so.... Bob painted the first floor purple. I think with the little spots here and there it's actually supposed to be a carpet.

    Day 55 technically isn't so bad, because day 50 is pretty much day 1, with the tougher zombies, but fewer numbers and less aggressive. And with all the defenses we had most stuff really didn't get in. But also our day 49 was.... day 63, I figure. I had to go into creative mode a couple of times and roll back the time because I wanted to do 49 with all the POVs on Extra Life... but Bob and I play just a little bit so we would have had to not play until yesterday, but 7D2D is extremely popular across all my channels (I stream on 4 different platforms at once) and... well, got to go where the views are. So I fudged things a little. But putting the time back doesn't roll back the characters, or anything you've done.

    Anything that glows is a nightmare, even on easy at that point. And to think, originally Bob wanted me to spawn 64 special zombies PER person on the server.

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