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    So, like a whole lot of other people, I make no promise that this is a complete list, memory being what it is and all. But here we go.

    Metro v1 & v2 (in no particular order because I don't really recall which were pre- and which were post-reboot)
    Alyx (mage), Bethany (demon), Saiwa (vampire), Molly (demon), Melody (garou), Farah (mage), Tristan (ananasi), Kamali (wraith), Sugar (wraith), Tanya (Mortal / Consor), Leah/Bek (vampire).

    Shadowed Isles:
    Tiffany (corax)

    Haunted Memories:
    Sophie (changeling), Tian (changeling)

    The Reach:
    Cate (changeling - Kraken!), Gabe (changeling), Lakshmi (changing breed), Tom (wolfblood).

    Jade (changeling), Sam (wolfblood)

    Charlie (vampire), Cass (wolfblood)

    More to come as I remember them.

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  • Some of those Metro 1.0 names ring a faint bell. I can't even remember who I played that far back though.

  • Tiffany seems quite familiar to me...

  • Charlie, dahling. :revolving_hearts:

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