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  • So a few people have approached me about opening a YJ/TT style game. I like the idea in theory but here's my concern, I'm not really sure what players would do outside of staff run scenes and plots.

    A Justice League game could have the Legion of Doom as a counterpoint. Players could hash out their own scenes and have fun during staff downtime. But I can't think of a LoD counterpart for TT/YJ.

    Anyone have any ideas? What would you want to see if such a game were to get off the ground?

  • I've played characters from both groups so I'm not going to say I don't like the idea, but it may be too narrowly focused depending on what else is involved as far as spheres go.

    But, I look forward to seeing someone try to app Mighty Endowed.

  • Do a third axis with a group like the Outsiders. If you want to understand a third axis, look up the Freemason symbol. You've got two planes that connect on the top with the eye (the symbol of knowledge), meaning they're opposed but coming from the same theory, as your two major factions. Then, you have, at the bottom, the link, which is the link between the pair that opens and closes the planes. That one represents the secrecy opposite the eye (knowledge), and can link the two planes, play one against the other, draw them closer together, or wider apart.

    So maybe Justice League and Legion of Doom linking with the association of equals logic, with something like Task Force X as the clandestine measure, representing the civilian force/rational-legal government. Alternately, you could represent the three forms of power in a state: charismatic (Justice League), traditional (Legion of Doom), and rational-legal (Task Force X). That you can find in the writings of Max Weber.

  • @zombiegenesis said in Young Justice / Teen Titans MUX:

    But I can't think of a LoD counterpart for TT/YJ.

  • Pitcrew

    There's also the idea of going with the YJ baddies of The Light/Reach.

  • There have been teen focused Hero games in the past, Ravenwood Academy which did well even with the draconian 'We make your character sheet, not you.' Premise that drove so many people away. At least until standard MU* drama brought it down and it became invite only or something like that.

    That said, you've got a pretty severely limited pool of FC's there. So there's going to be issues unless you did it as all OC's there is going to be major Drama about FC's and Activity, etc.

    It /can/ be done, and successfully but it's going to take a lot to keep the OOC drama down due to that.

  • I think your question should be 'do we want to allow only Teen Titan/Young Justice PCs' and have villains be NPCs? If so, you could benefit from a 'check out villain' policy that anyone can grab to run. Also, probably pull a YJ cartoon angle and have 4-5 adult heroes that are appable as trainers/overseers for YJ to help facilitate plot. Maybe not Batman (because, yeah...) but it could work to help drive things and work non-teen drama stuff with training, mentorship, etc.

  • Pitcrew

    @bobotron They can also steal from the cartoon canon on that one and have the big seven (Bats, Supes, WW, GL, etc..) away from Earth on a mission and unable to return which leaves the YJ/TT teams to fill the gap, as it were.

    Edit: or for a slightly darker tone - presumed dead - a theme where the villains think they've 'won', IE, they destroyed the Hall of Justice or Watchtower with all hands, and something something.

  • @downwithopp True, but how long can you reasonably have the big-name adults away from Earth before it stops making sense? That can be a way to help start the younger teams up, but unless you go with the darker tone they're going to come back sometime.

  • Pitcrew

    @wolfs said in Young Justice / Teen Titans MUX:

    @downwithopp True, but how long can you reasonably have the big-name adults away from Earth before it stops making sense? That can be a way to help start the younger teams up, but unless you go with the darker tone they're going to come back sometime.

    It is comics, even if you say they are all dead, them all staying dead for a lengthy time would break any sort of genre credibility. :)

  • @wolfs @ThatGuyThere
    That's why I suggested just... focusing on the Teen Titans/Young Justice. There are plenty of comics where Superman and Wonder Woman don't show up, the MUSH's focus should be no different. There are plenty of Titans villains. Deathstroke and his Titans, H.I.V.E., plenty of rejected Titans or teen villains... go The Light route and have B- and C-list villains leading ops like drug smuggling. Lift the idea for Club Dark Side and the superpowered fights (a reason to involve Roulette and invoke one of the BEST JLU episodes?) There's plenty to do without the Adult Superheroes having to show up and do stuff.

  • @bobotron Absolutely. The others can just be in the background elsewhere.

  • Pitcrew

    Oh I totally agree with that. I tend to be against the idea of "One Big Reason" why folks are gone because that will become an exercise in illogic if the game lasts very long. For the most part is doesn't need to be addressed at all on an IC level. Just state they are not allowed on an OOC level and move forward.
    As you said it is not exactly uncommon for a comic to not address where the rest of the heroes in a the world (or in the case of Marvel's NYC the same town) are unless that plays into the story being told, (or the sales of the referenced book need a boost which is not applicable for a MU)
    Of course I also see no issue with the Big guns of the setting being used for plots as needed both as assistance and rescue bait. (After all the second appearance of the Teen Titans in the Silver Age was a story where they had to rescue their mentors from alien mind control.)

  • I've played Deathstroke a couple times, and I've always made efforts at running Titans RP (I had a decent little re-imagining of the intro storyline on UH, pre trash-fire), so I approve this idea.

    I do think you'd have to look at broadening who you'd allow beyond strictly that roster (it's essentially one team under 2 names) or you'd have the 'run out of FCs that anyone wants to play' issue that happens pretty quickly on comic games that don't allow everything. Maybe just make it sidekicks/2nd gen/etc characters generally?

  • @bored
    Well, yeah. I would figure the point of it would be to only allow traditional sidekicks and legacy characters, or characters who are teens like Static, Star Girl or Jesse Quick.

  • Off the top of my head here were some of the FCs I was thinking would be viable.

    Beast Boy
    Blue Beetle
    Captain Marvel Jr
    Green Lantern
    Guardian III
    Jesse Quick
    Kid Flash
    Lagoon Boy
    Mary Marvel
    Miss Martian
    Red Arrow
    Red Robin
    Red Star
    Steel (Natasha Irons)
    Wonder Girl

    That's 54 I think. Not X-Men level but not bad either I think. And these are just the characters I could think of as I made the list.

  • @zombiegenesis It's more that there are games with literally /hundreds/ of FC's, but so many of them are sat on by people who are playing 4-5 FC's that the list of who is actually a compelling character is reduced dramatically.

    With a smaller FC list, that danger is even higher.

    So imho, you will need to do a one FC per person type of situation.

  • @zombiegenesis Well, Beast Boy is Changeling, so take one off and replace with Secret.

  • Whoops! And updated.

  • Is this going to be a canon-only game? Because I think Natasha Irons would make a good match for the game's FC list if it isn't... unless she is on the list and I am spacing on her code name or something?

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