New Year, New Weyr: High Reaches Weyr on NorCon MUSH

  • Turn 36 has been something of a disaster for High Reaches; there aren't many Weyrs that can admit to seeing the death of two queens within the space of half a turn, even (especially?) with one of them only visiting at the time, and then the murder of a Lady Holder as well. At least the recent spate of banditry has been curbed, and relations with Tillek are almost at the point of thawing... but weyrfolk still eagerly await a new turn and a clean slate.

    Nearly a full turn after the death of High Reaches' only junior, relief on that front comes via a loan from Igen: an experienced pair, with a flight due at any time. It's Interval, so numbers aren't paramount - but after a turn like this, surely everyone will feel better if a permanent junior can be obtained somehow. Just... in case.

    Perhaps it's a sign that Turn 37 will be better; perhaps an outsider really is what the northern Weyr needs to break a cycle of death and disaster.

    ... if, that is, its residents can learn to trust a foreign queen and her foreign rider, and make those foreign offspring their own.

    High Reaches Weyr on NorCon MUSH is about to start its Winter 2015 search cycle, and we welcome applications for all colors!

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