Mutant Genesis (X-Men)

  • Pitcrew

    Hello, everyone, I was told to post a few things about our game!

    Proposal: We are a story-driven game based on actions and consequences, and two widely different teams (Brotherhood and X-Men) that also work like a dysfunctional family. Mutants are on the rise, but they are too few not to form bonds with each other, even if they cannot agree on how to proceed. As these two teams make decisions, they will shape the grid and the story, and we want players to feel like their actions on plot matter. If a Brotherhood member decides to turn himself in to SHIELD and become a political prisoner? That leads the plot to widely different places than if Ernst is smashing Senator Kelly's face in with a baseball bat.

    Setting: Our game happens on Earth-636. It is similar to Earth-616 (mainstream Marvel) but different in some key ways, and follows comic book history more or less closely to canon up until the Fall of the Mutants arc, which happens in 2016 (which puts the Original Five at 24~26 years old). In it, an ancient mutant awakens and attacks Washington DC. The Avengers, a program started by SHIELD as a response to Magneto's appearance a few years back, are defeated, and humanity watches in shock as mutants take the field to defeat their own ancestor. These mutants, the Brotherhood and the X-Men, are seen for the first time in the light of day. In the aftermath of the fight, both Magneto and Professor X have vanished along with Apocalypse.

    Grid: We have four grids on Mutant Genesis. Salem (Xavier's being the X-Men base), New York (Mutant Town being the Brotherhood's), Hammer Bay (with Genosha still being a secret mutant slave colony) and Doomstadt (you can guess where THAT is).

    Characters: Characters start in the Brotherhood or the X-Men, and for purposes of story, some are already assigned to one side or the other. Most, however, almost all of them, are free to choose a side, as that is one of the main themes of our game. We allow people to rewrite stories and even powers, to an extent, depending on how emblematic the character is to the world. So you can probably get away with tweaking the powers of Onyx more easily than Mystique's, but we are all ears. We want players who love these characters playing them. Also, despite the timeline ending right after Fall of the Mutants, we are taking apps from characters of many incarnations, such as Blink, Rockslide, and so on. Also, even the veteran mutants are just discovering the limits of their potential, as the mutant race is so new, so there isn't a huge disparity between characters.

    Wanted Concepts: The roles we would love to see filled first are the ones pertaining to IC Leadership of the two teams. Since we are going to be diving head on into the differences between the Brotherhood and the X-Men (no X-Force!), the teams having active leaders is our first goal. Right now in our timeline the X-Men leadership can be decided between Cyclops/Phoenix/Storm while the Brotherhood is between Exodus/Quicksilver/Mystique. We would also like fun concepts to be filled, like a Dazzler player hosting an IC radio show, and things like that.

    Right now the game is 80~90% ready so we hope to be opening soon. =)

    port: 2017

  • What is your game and staff philosophy on OCs?

  • Oh, wow. You guys totally made the X-men/Brotherhood game idea.

    I'll be stopping by.

  • Pitcrew

    @Caryatid OCs are welcome, Caryatid, and must fit in the Brotherhood and the X-Men, but we provide a lot of hooks to help players fitting into those groups. All OCs are assumed to be new arrivals to both the X-Men and the Brotherhood, because unlike FCs they don't have pre-established relationships with other characters to draw from, but that is basically the only limitation of theirs.

    @Ghost We will be glad to have you! This has been cooking for a while but with @ZombieGenesis' help with pending code we have moved incredibly fast. =)

  • @enoch Keep an eye out for me heading towards the Brotherhood.

    Because begging for humane treatment from the prior evolution of humanity only results in mass graves.

  • Pitcrew

    @ghost Awesome! This is a tidbit from the wiki on the Brotherhood:

    "Nobody can give you freedom. Nobody can give you equality or justice or anything. If you're a man, you take it." - Malcolm X

    The Brotherhood follows the footsteps of Magneto in the belief that mutantkind must inherit Earth, or they might be wiped out by humanity. Their pragmatism is a response to hate and the awareness of humanity's propensity towards violence. Although many brothers are uncomfortable with the team's methods, all of them they understand someone needs to do what must be done to protect their kind. The Brotherhood is home to the disfranchised and those who will not suffer abuse, and will not tolerate it, not now or ever again.

    Playing a Brother or Sister means playing a character that, although they may not be comfortable with it, believes Magneto in that humans will draw first blood. With the X-Men representing the hopeful dreamers of mutantkind, the Brotherhood looks to the future and sees there might not be room for two species on Earth. Humans are too aggressive and too uncivilized to share it, and if push comes to shove they will have to go, letting evolution do its thing. If a character believes that to be unacceptable and finds fighting violence with violence to be reprehensible, they join the X-Men.

  • @Enoch

    What sort of system are you using for conflict resolution, if you are using one? How do people generate or describe their characters?

  • Pitcrew

    @ganymede We rather leave conflict resolution to players, as this is not a competitive game at all.

    However, should players desire or the absolute need to leave it up to stats arise, we do use a sheet that, although not a comprehensive system like a WoD, does make use of dice and systems to solve simple disputes. This is meant to be a tool for people who like to roll dice with each other and add something to their plots and scenes, and not commonplace conflict resolution though.

  • Admin

    @enoch Interesting. A mostly consent-based game? Cool.

  • To further clarify we have a +sheet that is powered by a very stripped down and slightly modified version of the DC Heroes RPG. There's a +dice system in place but, again, it's completely optional.

  • Wiki?

    FC list?

  • @zombiegenesis The Mutants and Masterminds-based RPG or the super-old DC RPG?

  • The old DC RPG.

  • How simple/intensive is the app process meant to be?

  • Pitcrew

    @ghost The FC List is basically everyone save for a few bans. We have two restricted characters right now (Sabretooth and Juggernaut) which are restricted because they don't really don't give a damn about mutants to be involved, but if a player comes along and pitches us a nice idea for them that fits theme, like post-Sammy Marko, we could reconsider! So... basically anyone.

    Wiki comes later tonight, probably!

    @Wolfs It is meant to be simple, with a focus on your pitch for the character more than mechanics. We want to know what is your take, where you wanna take them, more than we want to know if you know whether Wolverine is faster than Cyclops or if you can copy/paste Comicvine good.

  • @enoch I like that. If you couldn't already tell, my attitude is I've done enough apps over the years that I just want to cover what someone needs to know to understand I "get" a character, and get to doing things.

  • Pitcrew

    @wolfs I think we are all there! We don't want you to suffer to play, we want players to be excited about their take on these characters. =)

  • @enoch I would also suggest that you consider (if you haven't already) characters like Sabretooth and Juggernaut as wild cards, agents of chaos, or whatever fits, if they have no particular side to align with and the idea of letting some exist to drive conflict on both sides is welcomed. Not necessarily them specifically, but characters like them. If that doesn't fit in, of course, that's fine.

  • Pitcrew

    @wolfs We do have plans for the future, but only after we have built our main focus of the game, which is the Brotherhood and the X-Men!

  • @enoch Sounds like the right focus at this time.

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