Your Opinions of These Games

  • I'm kind of bored and looking for new games, but I wanted to know if anyone had played them before. If you have, can you give me an opinion of it? Thanks.

    Not in hog pit because hoping to avoid outright war.

    Games in question:

    • Fate's Harvest
    • Fear and Loathing
    • Eldritch
    • Dragon Age Mush
    • Battle Fantasia
    • Dream Chasers

  • @Alzie

    Fate's Harvest: Couldn't get into it, cuz they allowed VAS so never tried.
    F&L: Hated their idea with the whole guest stars who are more powerful than regular people who didn't pretend to earn their sheet somewhere else.
    Eldritch: Liked Eldritch, just had crazy hard time finding people for my pack.
    Dragon Age MUSH: Never played it, generally dislike MU's based on RPG's cuz the writing in the MU is never as good as the game. Go play the game.
    Battle Fantasia: Not a fan of magical girls.
    Dream Chasers: In general, dislike multi-theme mashups.

  • @alzie

    Eldritch is no longer up. I think Dragon Age MUSH is not up either. VASpider is dominating Fate's Harvest.

    Fear and Loathing isn't a bad game, but it's not the right game for me.

    Don't know about the other two.

  • huh. The eldritch website is still up and the game is still running but I did a quick connect and there are 0 people on.

  • Pitcrew

    F&L is very very very bad.

    ETA: Like I would suggest FH before F&L, and VAS is there.

  • I've been enjoying the Vampire sphere on F&L. I never thought I could actually enjoy playing Vampire (I actively avoided it for a long long time).

    But the players have been very welcoming and helpful for a Vamp-newb like me. I've only been around a a couple weeks and I'm already being involved in plot and feel like part of the group.

    I don't know about other spheres on the game, but I can say I am enjoying F&L.

    ETA: I tried Fate's Harvest a few times. I could never feel 'involved.' It just did not jive with me at all. The other big issue I had, during my tenure there, is public scenes always exploded to unwieldy sizes. You'd start with 2-3 and end up with 8-10. The only way not to was to RP in private areas / temprooms. Maybe that's changed, but I note it because I know a lot of people (like me) can't handle huge scenes and will bail.

    It sucked to constantly have to bail on RP.

  • @auspice I'm glad to hear that F&L is being better towards Vampire newbies than it was when I tried it.

  • Pitcrew

    Lux is great. Paris has stalked one friend of mine, harassed two others until they had to quit his game (one of whom had to quit ANOTHER game over it, because he logged in there to harass), and also closed a bunch of vamp jobs without talking to vamp staff about it first. Beyond, you know, the behavior he's exhibited here re: people he doesn't like.

    ETA: And by closed, I do not mean resolved. I mean just closed.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm really enjoying Fate's Harvest, it's a small game, with a small staff, but VASpider is there and if I'd known she was playing there before I apped I wouldn't have joined.

    @Auspice There's not enough people to manage to propel public scenes into the 8+ crowds anymore. Scenes in public do tend to pick up crowds and some events can get large. I can also see how getting involved in things can be tricky.

  • Pitcrew

    I think Eldritch has been defunct for about a year and a half now? Again, I think. Pretty sure that's where I was when my last kid was born, which was two years ago.

    Great, fun game overall. Played a Demon, Mr. Bowman. Eldritch really helped me appreciate that 2E splat. I still don't trust Ms. Oven's ass.

  • Lots of no F&L opinions. Without going into hog pit territory, any specific reasons.

  • Pitcrew

    @alzie My post re: Lux was re: F&L. Paris is the game lead there.

  • @alzie

    The F&L Vampire sphere is inclusive, but it is oriented towards physical violence. Heavily. The players are fun-loving, but be prepared to be a heavy-handed fighter.

  • @alzie
    I wasn't aware Dragon Age MUSH existed. At least, not a current/open one in that theme. Do they have a website or wiki? The Googles are bringing me questionable results.

  • @three-eyed-crow I'd be surprised if it's still alive. I remember it popping up here like..a year ago, and there being a fuss over their FC policy.

  • @ganymede said in Your Opinions of These Games:


    The F&L Vampire sphere is inclusive, but it is oriented towards physical violence. Heavily. The players are fun-loving, but be prepared to be a heavy-handed fighter.

    I'm not sure I can agree with this, Gany. Maybe it was? But since I've been there, it's been social maneuvering. There's a lot of physical combat... versus NPC enemies, but I haven't seen much between PCs at all.

    But I have seen a lot of social maneuvering. Hell, I'm deeply involved using just mundane skills. A Mortal could do what my char has done!

  • @auspice

    I didn't mean to imply that there was a lot of PvP violence, but there is a lot of NPC violence. If that's your thing, that's cool. My PC, Wes, just isn't built for that -- in the slightest -- and much of my motivation for returning for a second round of play left.

  • Pitcrew

    @alzie There's a large number of posts about it in its own thread I think in the Hog Pit. Unlike @Sunny, I was not super impressed with Lux as a staffer. Not huge corruption issues or wildly dramatic things, but bad tonal issues and not great at receiving feedback on it. (I know folks who enjoyed him player-to-player on previous games, so he may just not be a great fit as a staffer.) Also stuff with him getting pretty protective over his favorites in the sphere.

  • @three-eyed-crow

    Dragon Age MUSH is closed. The wiki is up, but when you try to connect it says it's gone.

    There was also Smoke and Shadows, I'm not sure if it's closed, but the last couple of times I checked it had 0 players logged in.

  • Pitcrew

    Fate's Harvest seems a bit sleepy for a game its size, to me. Most RP seems to happen in +events, which is fine, but my online times are so erratic, it's hard for me to plan ahead.

    F&L has a weird dynamic. Players are very welcoming, but they approach theme differently than most WoD games which through my char for a loop and in the end, my concept just didn't work there. They use a mix-mash of systems which makes it hard to navigate at times. I was never quite sure which set of rules to follow. Also, I had +jobs that I put in on day 1 out of CG open for months, and then closed without resolution. These were things like, "Hey, my integrity is 0, can that be fixed?" and "I need such-and-such added to my sheet." RP can be had, just don't expect staff support on any level. Any other sphere outside of vamp appears to be dead and in vamp, as others have said, there is more physical combat than I have seen in any other sphere elsewhere. There is no attempt to politic at all.
    That's not to say to avoid F&L just know what you're walking into.

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