ISO Collaborators for Comic Book Project

  • I've decided to take someone's suggestion, and make a DC Comics villains and henchmen project. I've got a combat system with a 'tango' feel gridded out for creation by an enterprising coder, which includes XP and Gear for OCs, with a faintly MMO-like flavor (FCs are mail-in applications, OCs are chargen onsite). Heroes are available per-scene, depending on player power level, to pull out of a locker, in the manner of a PvE event.

    The entire combat system's necessities are sketched out in advance. I've already elected on the primary mission directives of the MUSH, and I'm just looking for anyone that wants to make a unique project. It's a little different than most comic book MUSHes, as I'm looking for a 'blended' feel between an anime MUSH's combat statistics and a comic book MUSH's adherence to flavor, with a slight terminology twist for daily RP (i.e., a scene is an 'issue', for starters).

    The project is called DC Comics: Villains United, and focuses on the most proactive part of the comic book cast, the assorted cads and cadavers. If you're interested in coding, writing profiles for FCs, writing theme or grid, shoot me a page here, or log in at (I iceboxed the Neo-Tokyo Nights project, too difficult to finish alone). There are two documents available off a DropBox account in the main project development room, off room #0, detailing the MUSH skeletal write-up and the heroes/villains/locations/organizations roster as it stands.


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