Papa Emeritus III

  • Breaking News. A few weeks ago, in Sweden, Papa Emeritus III was detained from the stage, and has been replaced by an elderly Papa Emeritus Zero.

  • Pitcrew

    The oxygen mask locked it in.

  • It was a pretty stellar way to end the show. Looking forward to the new album fo sho.

  • Ghost (the band) has been crazy interesting to follow.

    Papa Emeritus 2 was very much so a religious hardliner with a perverse side. Like the sexualized Aleister Crowley figure. Creepily spiritual, lover of women, lonely old man, but somewhat 'conservative'. The music had more chanting hymn themes with him. Lots of Latin:

    Il Padre
    Il Filio
    Et Lo Spiritus Malum
    Omnis Caelestis
    Delenda Est

    Papa Emeritus 3 was a play on charismatic Christian leaders appealing to the younger audiences. He stopped wearing the clerical vestments and replaced them with stylish hair and jackets. Songs like "He Is" were a direct play on modern Christian hymns used by megachurches.

    So I can only wonder if this next Ghost album, with Emeritus Zero being elderly, will go back to a lot of chanting, Latin, or maybe some kind of harder approach.

  • I gotta say, tho, He Is is one of my favorite songs of theirs in a while.

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