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  • Without altering database tables, how do I get rid of "Uncategorized pages" here:


  • @Thenomain




    ETA: It was magic parsing out my {page}

    What the .... okay, something is doing some strange shit to my text. I think it's the templating system for nodebb.


    But instead of brackets, curly braces.

  • @Glitch: Nope. Not {} nor {{}} around page.

    I believe what this does is: Exclude all pages with a category of <name of this page>. Since <this page> is "Help:Content", not sure that was going to work anyway.

  • @Thenomain I think it needs to be a specified category, instead of just page. Like:


  • @Glitch said:


    "UncategorizedPages" is the page Special:UncategorizedPages, and the category is created by DPL as a way to list matched pages with no category.

    I believe all "Special:" pages are created on the fly, and therefore trying "notlinksfrom" and "notlinksto" aren't working.

    I can also make sure all help pages not intended to be listed have a special category ([[Category:Nohelpindex]], perhaps), but all coders are lazy and work very hard to stay that way.

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