Ch... Ch... Changes!

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    Alright, we'll start changing things around here. If you're not aware yet there is an ongoing thread in the Mildly Constructive section of our forum called Make MSB Great Again! where everyone is welcome to participate.

    To help facilitate things @Auspice and @Ganymede stepped up when I asked them to help run MSB, which I am very thankful for. Both have been around here for a very long time (yes, I'm saying they're old), have stellar reputations, and together we should be able to steer things back to a more sane place. You can trust them as I will, and you can go to them for anything you could come to me (or more).

    MSB will always have an edge. I don't want to lose that. You won't need to worry about censorship, that's not going to happen. But there have been rising levels of toxicity over time which rose to the point where a few bad, loud, angry posters were chasing away good, reasonable users, and that's something we mean to remedy and steer back to sanity.

    There are sticky threads now in certain forums (namely our Adver-tis-ments, Mildly Constructive and The Hog Pit sections) which I urge you to read. Conversations diverting too far from these guidelines will be forked into appropriate forums, and blatant derailing will get repeat offenders some frowny faces pointed in their general direction.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come to us and we can have a conversion about it. In case it needs to be said, if you want those chats to be anonymous they absolutely can be. For more public debates please go right ahead and post in one of the appropriate threads or create a new one if none of them covers your topic.

    The Management.

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