Rising Sun Casino and Resort - Fallcoast

  • Man: Well, its official! I've put in enough overtime to actually get a week's paid vacation! Finally! Working ninety hour weeks for the last seven months has really paid off!

    Woman: Wow, honey! Let's start planning! Where do you want to go?

    Man: I was thinking we could go to Las Vegas!

    Woman: Mmmm.

    Man: What? Doesn't it sound like fun to you?

    Woman: It does... I was just thinking of something... you know... more exotic. Somewhere out of the country!

    Announcer: What if you didn't have to chose? What if you could take in the richness of an exotic culture, while living the high roller life of a Las Vegas casino?

    Man: Wow! That sounds too good to be true!

    Announcer: Oh, but it isn't! Haven't you heard of the Rising Sun Casino and Resort?

    Woman: Oh! Becky with the good hair was talking about this the other day! Tell us more!

    Announcer: The Rising Sun Casino and Resort in historic Fallcoast, Maine brings all the wonder and excitement of a trip to Japan right here to the United States! What's more is that you can enjoy all the perks of a full scale grand casino, just like those other places, without having to deal with desert heat, or any unscrupulous types!

    Woman: But what about our kids? We can't just take them to a casino!

    Announcer: Why not?! The Rising Sun is much more than just a casino! It has something for everyone! You can get a taste of Feudal Japan by visiting Little Edo, where you can shop, while the kids enjoy arcades, or you can get the family together to relax by the majestic koi pond, while Dad hits the poker tables! Or, you can experience the bustling energy of Tokyo at Shinjuku Station, where you will find food from all around the world! It even has a world famous all you can eat buffet! If fine dining is more your speed, you can come experience World renowned Chef Nobuo Hideaki's Ume House, where you will be blessed by his exquisite dishes that blend East with West in a dynamic fusion! It just opened and already has a Michelin Star rating!

    Man: Well, that's all well and good, but I want to have fun! Shopping, eating and relaxing by a pond isn't going to do that!

    Announcer: Well, how about a day at the pool? The exclusive Tokyo Tower Hotel has all the amenities one could dream of, complete with an indoor-outdoor pool, day spa, massage tables, and so much more! If that's not enough, you can enjoy the thriving nightlife at one of two hot spots. Club Kabukicho captures the essence of Tokyo's Red Light district by offering the hottest DJs and live music shows with stunning visuals and lightshows! If that sounds too wild, you can have a more relaxed evening at the Roppongi Nights Lounge and take in a comedy show, or any number of other live performances in the stadium seated auditorium! As an added bonus, The Rising Sun is located in Historic downtown Fallcoast, within walking distance of all the other attractions and just minutes from the waterfront! You really can't beat it!

    Woman: Well that does it. I'm sold!

    Man: Me too! It sounds like there's something for everyone!

    Announcer: There is! The Rising Sun accomodates all people from all walks of life, and all budgets. So come treat yourself and experience the beauty and excitement that is the Rising Sun today! You deserve it!

    This ad was paid for in part by the Fallcoast Board of Tourism and Convention.

    • My character just got a casino resort on grid. I want people to go there, play and have fun. It's meant to have a little something for everyone, and for all resource levels, all spheres, etc. etc. etc. It's totally public and available for use at any time for anyone. It has housing available, too, so people can contact me about that. If you're interested in having someone work there, hit me up. If you're interested in doing crimey things involving the place, hit me up. I'm just trying to provide more fun things for people to do on grid, and this place can do everything from BaRP to all kinds of plot stuff. I didn't make it for me, I made it for everyone. That is all. Enjoy!

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