Not Ending the World

  • When you think staff is being rude and insulting, but it turns out hey, just a misunderstanding and everything is fine?

    We focus on Random Bitching and any number of threads about Drama, but, really.

    I almost called a staffer an ass today.

    Staffer clarified position reasonably, and it turned out I misunderstood a thing.

    I apologized for almost calling a staffer an ass.

    We move forward.

    The world does not end.

    We're all friends.


    I just feel this happens a whole lot more then we hear, but man, do we hear the bitching.

  • But how do you write a public callout post saying "today we acted like goddamn adults"? I mean we have a thread for when things are really awesome and a thread for vicious complaining but "things operating within normal parameters" on the day to day is hard to get excited about one way or another.

    I'm glad things worked out for you though!

  • @saosmash
    Is there a 'things are really awesome' thread? I know there's a MU Things I love, but this doesn't seem to be that.

    It also doesn't seem like normal.

    But it might very well be my normal detection dial is tuned to stupid!

  • @ixokai
    I think @saosmash means the Mu Things I Love thread, yeah. What you posted also seems like expected adult behavior to me, but I'm also glad things worked out.

  • Pitcrew

    This is basically human nature though. People, not just MUers but everyone, are a lot more likely to complain about the negative than to complement the positive or comment on the ordinary. Just think of going out to eat for example, if you have a meal that fulfills your expectations but does not go beyond them, do you talk about it a lot? Most likely no. If it is a great meal you probably will mention it but not nearly to the extant you will hear people complaining about a bad meal.
    MUSHing is like this as well, I ca have a hundred passable scenes and enjoy them all but I would rarely mention them because that is the expected result. So there is little need to mention what happened, in general human spend most of the time talking about things they did not expect to happen either positively or negatively. Employers don't often praise employees for showing up to work on time, it is expected, but me late and that is when issues start. Now if you are never late and never miss work time you will tend to get praised eventually once you have hit the point of going beyond what is expected since most people do have the occasional late day or miss time.
    The expected tends to get overlooked.

    On a more game related point this is why I tend to prefer things like critical hits and such, because they create unexpected moments that cause people to talk about the game later. When I am with other folks and we tell and retell old gaming stories it is always about the moments when good or bad the odd happened,. We never reminisce about the time we fought a balanced encounter and the dice were unexceptional and things went as normal.

  • I once reacted badly to a staff decision on a game and got a temporary ban.

    I came back, and then reacted very calmly to a staff decision. I was banned for being 'suspiciously calm' about said staff decision.

    The lesson is to always overreact.

  • To give context: it is included in my job evaluations that I call out when people are skilled, or handled something well.Even though I only do it one on one for the most part.

    It's a rare thing, and it's a skill I guess, so I recommend learning it, and practicing it.

  • @Admiral Wait what? where the hell was this? It's hilarious, but... not.

    RE: Topic. I too think we could all probably take a break from the hatorade, in general, but you know, sometimes we react badly to things. Be it from a number of reasons. I had an incident myself on a game about a month ago where I got salty after an IC fight on a MU*, the first time in like, 5 years--but there was still no excuse for said behavior, no matter what the circumstances. People are just people and sometimes the flesh is weak. Sometimes some more than others, I guess.

  • @Duckula I'd rather not say, but suffice it to say my account is entirely, absolutely true.

    I suspect they were surprised I was calm after staff involved deliberately changed the rules in mid-scene, and actually wrote houserules on the fly that they added to the wiki -during the scene- to ensure that I was fucked off.

    It's like they wanted to make me pissed off so they could ban me. When all they really had to do was ask me to leave if they wanted me gone.

  • Admin

    @Admiral said in Not Ending the World:

    I came back, and then reacted very calmly to a staff decision. I was banned for being 'suspiciously calm' about said staff decision.

    I feel there is more to this than what you said. Come on. :)

  • I'd love to know what staff ban someone citing suspicious calm.

    It's up there with you know what you did.

  • I'd rather not give the details of it publicly as I work rather hard to not reveal my previous characters.

    I will say this; I agree that in most accounts there are two sides to a story. I have been the bad guy before. In this instance? No. I was not the bad guy. I was being PKed by a staff-pet I had never met ICly over some minor nonsense.

    When I say staff-pet, I mean this guy came in fully loaded with a ton of XP and was even allowed to transfer his previous character's property and retainers to his new character and was handed a position of power within the sphere.

    So yes.

  • Admin

    @Admiral Well, sure, and you don't have to volunteer PC-identifying information, it's just that "we're banning you because you didn't overreact enough" is a new one. :) And I thought we had seen it all around here.

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